Gunsmithing Project–Bedding a Rifle Part 2

Jack Landisby Jack Landis
AGI Technical Services Manager

In Part 2 of this video project Jack Landis completes a simple, straightforward way to bed a rifle that will help improve accuracy in your own hunting or target gun.

Jack walks you through the entire process so you have the complete “Recipe for Success.”

If you missed Part 1, you can see it by CLICKING HERE.

2 Responses to Gunsmithing Project–Bedding a Rifle Part 2

  1. Awesome video. I have AGI’s stock bedding course but I always appreciate another qualified person’s perspective on projects such as these because each have different tricks and tips to achieve the desired end result.

    Jack does clarify in the part 2 video here what he forgot to mention in the part 1 video: that a person should thoroughly degrease the stock before applying the bedding compound.

    Thanks for the very informative parts 1 and 2 videos on stock bedding. That’s a lot of very good info being given out here on G&G. Cheers

  2. Really nice.
    I did one of these about 43 years ago, under the tutelage of a very young general gunsmith by the name of Jim Boland here in California. He later became well known for custom 1911’s, but back then he was fitting recoil pads, and bedding actions… and offering advice to interested 18 year-olds.
    Very patient, very thorough… reminds me a lot of this video.

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