Gunsmith Project–AR10T conversion Part 2 of 2

Jack Landiswith Jack Landis
AGI Technical Services Manager

Converting an AR10T target rifle to a carbine may not be a gunsmithing job that many of you will need to tackle, but in this special project, AGI Technical Services Manager Jack Landis shows how it is done (correctly!) and achieves some great results.

Here is Part 2 of this project. If you missed Part 1 you can see it by clicking HERE.

Even if you don’t plan on this conversion yourself, it is well worth watching to see the tools, tips and techniques it contains. I’m confident that all of you will get some great information from this project that you will be able to apply to other projects.

5 Responses to Gunsmith Project–AR10T conversion Part 2 of 2

  1. Was there no detent and spring for the rear takedown pin.Every AR rifle that I have seen has those to parts. The plate under the castle nut retains the spring and plunger.

  2. great video, you guys always teach me something. thanks a lot. i think my next build will be a 260 remington. the BC of the 6.5 mm is amazing. let us hope we can still own an ar with the elections not far off. scary times, we might need our guns for this greatest depression that is at our doorsteps. who knows???

  3. I had the same thought as Gary. The rear takedown plunger and spring weren’t shown. Is the Armalite different on this aspect? The plunger and spring under the pistol grip should be for the safety.

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