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gunstoreYou’ve spent a lot of time training to be a gunsmith, and now you need to build your business so you can recoup that investment, generate some real income doing what you love, keep the lights on, and have some money left over for continuing your education, buying more tools and enjoying the rewards that come from operating a successful business.

There are a number of marketing tools you can use, including having an effective website, local advertising, putting up flyers at your local gun shops and shooting ranges. You also need to have a supply of attractive and attention getting business cards. These are a simple way to give your contact information to everyone you talk to or come across that owns firearms and will probably need the services of a qualified gunsmith at some point.

Little Billboards For Your Business

Business cards are one of those things that people seem to keep–either in their wallet, on the workbench in the garage, or saved in a dresser drawer.

Your business card design is very important. It needs to be attractive, attention-getting, complete with all your contact information, business hours etc. Think of it as a miniature billboard.

GGbuscardHere is my own business card for Guns and Gunsmiths. You can see that it is unique, attention getting, has all the right information, and is guaranteed to stand out among other cards.

You can go online to any number of quick print sites and get business cards printed fairly cheaply. However, you either have to “settle” for one of their generic designs or provide your own artwork–something that many of you may not have the skills, computer programs, or graphic design experience to do.

That’s where can help. They have now developed a number of business card templates specifically designed with gunsmiths or gun shop owners in mind. Right now you can choose from 8 different templates (with more coming in the future) all designed to make a real statement about who you are and what you do. All you have to do is CLICK HERE to see them all, then use the link provided to contact to get a quote for the number of cards you would like, and with your own business information.

Once you approve the quote, they will then modify the design to include your info, place the order with a printing company, and have them shipped directly to you.

Of course, if you have your own ideas for a business card, they can also work with your images and layout plan to custom design a card just for you.

Your business cards can be one of the best ways to promote your gunsmithing or gun shop–make sure to use them every chance you get and always have some on you whenever there is a chance to come across another gun owner.

And DON’T FORGET! If you are a gunsmith, you can be listed for FREE in their online directory. Go to for details and contact information.

7 Responses to Gunsmith Marketing — Pick a card, any card

  1. I like the layout of your card, but what *really* caught my eye was the “ghost ring” rear sight. How well does that work?

    • I’d love to be able to tell you, but that is not my firearm. I believe it is one of Gene Shuey’s custom 1911s.

      • Thanks for your comment–tent cards are great if you want more “real estate” for additional information. Not sure that I would ever put a sign on my truck advertising anything to do with guns though. In my area it would either attract “lefty” anti-gun vandals, or punks trying to break in because they thought there might be firearms inside.

        Sometime best to stay just a little under the radar IMHO.

  2. Gary is right on about having a great business card. He assisted me in designing mine, and I have had several excellent comments from my customers. I have picked up a lot of business due to former customers giving someone my card when asking if they know of a gunsmith. I also have some business’s that ask me to leave several cards at their business that they sit out for their customers to take. Gary also helped me create my website. Thanks Gary.

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