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    Don Roberts

    A customer actually lost the breech block from his Rem 121. Located a new complete assembly; however, when I install it, the action will not close to lock up. The front of the block contacts the rear of the barrel, actually giving good headspace. But the heading lug on top of the breech block will not rise into the locking mortise in the roof of the receiver. The rear edge of the lug rests right at the rear edge of the locking shoulder, just like a sear ready to break. It will not, though, slide up into the mortise for lock up. Best I can measure is about 0.008 to 0.010″ interference. My guess is the new block is made slightly oversize for fitting. Remington personnel, Remington Field Service Manual, Brownells Techs and a Remington Service Center gunsmiths were NO help. Does anyone know if the solution could be as simple as removing metal from the rear surface of the locking or heading lug for correct fit? Is the breech block through hardened? Thanks much, Don

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