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    Milo Eldridge

    One of the many things that makes gunsmithing interesting is that it borrows and shares ideas, tools, materials, supplies and techniques with many different trades, disciplines and crafts. One such area that I hadn’t considered before and had never heard referenced in gunsmithing circles is that of the luthiers (makers of stringed instruments). When you think about it, these folks have many of the same concerns we do, especially when it comes to wood and working with irregular shapes, moisture stability, grain flow, decorating and finishing, the marriage of metal and wood, etc. To broaden your gunsmithing imagination, take a look through a luthiers catalog or browse through a book on the subject. You might just find a cleaver solution or a better way of doing something. I am particularly intrigued by how truss bars are used to strengthen and adjust the neck of a guitar. Hmm, I wonder if the idea can be used in the forends of rifles to tune their accuracy?



    Wow. What a concept! I don’t know if anyone else has ever considered that, but the idea of a “tuned” forend certainly is intriguing. I don’t even know how to begin testing a theory like that.


    Milo Eldridge

    These website might be worth looking at. They comprise a sort of Gunsmith Kinks for the world of lutherie:,, and

    There are tons of good tips that apply directly to gunsmithing as well as general shop work. You may also be pleased to find that many luthiers are also gun lovers.



    You may find some interesting items or ideas from these two websites: Look under finishes Look a lathes, mills or look under Luthier pages.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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