Foredom Handsets and Tools

Shueywith Gene Shuey
AGI Instructor and Master Pistolsmith

Following up from Jack Landis’ review of the flexible shaft grinders from Harbor Freight last week, this time Gene Shuey takes a look at the more expensive Foredom tools. If you are a busy gunsmith that uses your tools a lot, maybe he will convince you to go with a higher quality product.

3 Responses to Foredom Handsets and Tools

  1. Thanks Gene. That was a very instructive video and it shows the big difference between inexpensive and expensive. I unfortunately do not have customer volume nor dollars in my bank account to afford that level of expense. Hopefully that will change but for now we go with what we can afford, given my wife’s challenges to our budget! I appreciate your input and keep watching for your insights and wisdom built on your considerable experience! Keep up the good work with your sharing of your incredible experiences!

  2. Thanks for sharing your valuable experience with the Foredom tool. I have one Foredom and one other off brand that I use.One is for polishing and the other l use for cutting and deburing. I will say that it sure takes a lot of practice using the foot pedal when trying to maintain a consistent speed. I would like to know where to get that extended arbor for that bob used in the video.Thanks again for your time,and as always your tips on the art of Gunsmithing.