FAL Receiver Machining

with John Bush
AGI Instructor

AGI Instructor John Bush is a real “nut” when it comes to military firearms, and probably has forgotten more about  historic military weapons and paraphernalia than most of us ever knew. His interest in this area includes weapons, accessories, ammo. literature — just about it all.

In this video John was through the steps used to machine a 10 pound casting into a finished FAL receiver, the old fashioned way before CNC machines existed. If you are a fan of machining gun parts, or simply interested in how things are made you will not only enjoy this video, you may pick up a few tips for your own machine shop along the way as well.


3 Responses to FAL Receiver Machining

  1. Glued to the chair watching. I had in mind that all receivers nowadays were made from investment castings.
    Thank you
    Alex Turley

  2. That makes me miss my old machine shop days. It was really cool to see all the different steps from forging to finish.

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