Deal Of The Week Just For You!

The American Gunsmithing Institute is offering as special Deal of the Week program JUST FOR Guns and Gunsmiths Readers! Each week they will be offering a fantastic opportunity for you to save a ton of money, and these sales will not be made anywhere else.

THIS WEEK–Just For 1911 Lovers!

If you love 1911s, or work on them often, this course will diagnose and cure your 1911 Pistol problems.

If you have ever experienced problems with the 1911 style pistol such as: jams, misfires, loss of accuracy, etc., but did not know what to do, you now have the answers in this DVD course. Master Pistolsmith, Gene Shuey, has over 50 years of experience shooting, customizing, and repairing 1911s and their clones! Now he has put that experience and insight into this DVD so you can diagnose and cure problems with your 1911 style pistol.

The Course normally sells for $79.95 but FOR THIS WEEK ONLY (expires midnight on Sunday July 22, 2018) G&G readers can get it for only $59.95!

Click HERE to go to the AGI website where you can get complete details of what is in the course, including a preview video.

This offer expires midnight Sunday July 22, 2018. Sorry, but offer only available to US residents.

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