Converting a Full Auto Kit to Semi Auto

with AGI instructor John Bush

Probably not many of you have had the chance to shoot a full auto machine gun or submachine gun, but if you have you know how much fun it is. However, for most of us it is illegal to own a full auto firearm unless you can get the appropriate license, but if you still want to own a gun that looks like an auto, the solution can be converting one to semi-auto.

In this video John Bush looks at some of the issues and difficulties in doing such a conversion. It can be a lot of work! But if you have a customer who wants this done, the process can be both rewarding and profitable. Just make sure you do it right and don’t get on the wrong side of BATF!

3 Responses to Converting a Full Auto Kit to Semi Auto

  1. Really cool, but too bad it has to come to this. It saddens me to see torched receivers and drilled barrels for the sake of some bureaucratic rulings. It’s horrible to ruin things for no good reason(s).

    John Bush is awesome and a real treat to watch, listen and learn from. A real nice fella. Thanks John.

    Thanks for the video!

  2. I thought anyone that could legally own a fire arm could own a full auto with a class 3. How ever most of us cannot afford to own one let alone shoot one

    • There are many states that outlaw them for the consumer. Of course the Government is exempt. Washington and California are 2 examples.

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