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20 Responses to Contact

  1. I am trying to fabricate a heavy duty spring according to the AGI video on making springs(similar to an AR 15 spring). It all worked quite well until I tested them. They would not return to their original position. I tried your recommendations on heat treating with a torch without success. Can you recommend a company that can heat treat them properly? Thanks.


  2. I’d like to know just what are the cost involved in the subscribing to the Guns and Gunsmiths newsletter before I join. What are the costs?
    Thank you.


  3. I have a customer that has a muzzle loading drilling made by L.L. Hepburn of Colton, N.Y.. I think it is .38 cal rifle over a double 14 ga. could anyone give me info on this gun please call and I can send pic.s

  4. Can you put me in touch with anyone that may have used or blunt chamber reamers for 38/40 32/20 & 25/20?
    They will probably have been made to SAAMI specs.which will leave me with enough metal to sharpen them down to just clearing my appropriate FLS dies.

  5. Want to rework one of my rifles to 6.5 Weatherby. A Remington model 7 in 7/08 or a tikka t3lite in 300 win mag. Would really like to rid myself of the 300. Which way would you go? Intention to deer and predator hunt.

  6. I purchased a Ruger 10/22 and every third shot I got a jam with the empty being caught by the bolt on ejection. I had purchased several DVD from AGI and they were a great help in finding the problem. I found the extractor was not moving freely when I pushed it back so I removed the bolt assembly as per the DVD and removed the extractor and polished it with 400 grit paper as it had very rough sides where it had been stamped out by a punch press. I reassembled the gun and it now works perfect and NO JAMS now. I have DVDs for every gun I have now and I enjoy working on them. Your training DVDs are very good. Thanks. I need to upgrade my membership to silver so I will make the call and do just that. I have a small machine shop with a Smithy Lathe and milling machine and have made several things for people and myself.

  7. Hi Ken,
    My Marlin 1894,.357 mag. I pulled it out of the safe to check it over and the lever was jammed shut. I could not get it open at all, Even removing the pivot,? screw failed to allow me to open it. It was of course clean and unloaded when put away.
    There must be a simple fix,???

  8. I watched your GUNSTOCK event in Fallon NV will you be hosting another any time soon or should I anxiously await Gene’s 60th birthday ?

    Thank you for your time

    • Gunstock was a great event, but it took a huge amount of organization, and financially was not kind to the coffers. So I’m not sure what Gene’s future event plans are, but rest assured I will let you all know as soon as I do. I’m glad you are anxiously awaiting Gene’s 60th–I’m sure he’s not! haha.

  9. Hello, more question than comment. Got a Remington rolling block #1 receiver with for an 1869 carbine in .43 Egyptian with a sliding extractor that has most of the parts, some need replacing as they are broken and some need replacing as they are homemade, but need to either buy a breech block or have the existing breech block restored as, per the story I got with the carbine, the guys grandfather ground down the breech block so it wouldn’t lock in order for the kids to play with it. Any help with this would sure be appreciated. Thanks, Michael Monti

    • Michael. Sounds like a job for a good gunsmith that can handle this type of restoration. I don’t know where you are located, so I cannot recommend anyone, but ask at your local gun shops–they may be able to help find someone. Or, if you have the tools and skills, this would be a great project for yourself! You might also contact our technical services manager, Jack Landis, to see if he has any idea where you might find parts. His contact info is here on the Contact page.

  10. Dear sir I have a double barrel shotgun that the metal separation band has come loose and I need to epoxy the band back to the barrels and then I will put a screw or two in the band to hold it tight but I need a suggestion on what type of epoxy to use that will hold the two metals together and not loosen like the original did. Any help will be appreciated.

    • Larry. Please post your question in the Gunsmithing Forum. That way you will get answers quickly. If you do not how to post in the forum, send me an email and I will explain.