In Gun News This Week

I hope you are all having a great holiday. Let’s end the year with some news stories that show promise for 2017 and the protection of our gun rights and freedoms.

Sacramento County sheriff making it quicker to get concealed carry permits

Court Reminds Local Governments They Lack Authority to Restrict Guns

Eight Huge Losses for Gun Controllers in 2016

Obama Failed to Strip Americans of Their Second Amendment Right

Downstate New York Suburbs To Welcome Back Gun Shows

Are You Using the G&G Forums?

forumsThose of you who are GCA Silver members already know and appreciate how great the “Ask The Pros” forum is on the Gun Club of America website. It is the most popular places on the site, and one member recently stated on the GCA Facebook page “Ken and few others have helped me out on the forum more times than I can count. The search feature alone is worth the price of the entire membership cost. Don’t tell Gene, but it’s actually priced cheap for what you get in return.”

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In Gun News This Week… Guns on Campus Edition

The debate continues as to whether concealed carry should be allowed in schools (by those properly allowed of course!). Here are some recent articles about this subject. What do you think?

South Carolina Pushes to Arm Teachers After Tragic School Shooting

Women On The Frontlines Of Campus Carry

Experts worry campus concealed carry won’t mix with UW drinking culture

CA School District Allows Concealed Carry Guns on Campuses

Wisconsin lawmaker to push bill allowing concealed carry permit holders to carry on private school grounds