Repair Your Laminated Stock with Jack Landis

Jack Landisby Jack Landis
AGI Technical Director

In this complete gunsmithing project, AGI Technical Services Manager Jack Landis shows how to repair damage to a multi-colored laminated stock using simple tools and supplies that anyone can easily follow along. This is a real money-saver for those of you facing a similar problem, and maybe even a money-maker for the professional gunsmith. Continue reading

Gunsmith Marketing — Pick a card, any card

gunstoreYou’ve spent a lot of time training to be a gunsmith, and now you need to build your business so you can recoup that investment, generate some real income doing what you love, keep the lights on, and have some money left over for continuing your education, buying more tools and enjoying the rewards that come from operating a successful business.
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Gunsmith Project… Fitting a Cominolli Safety on a Glock

Shueywith Gene Shuey
AGI Instructor and Master Pistolsmith

In this video extract from the Gun Club of America‘s Guntech Magazine, AGI Instructor Gene Shuey shows how to fit a Cominolli Manual Safety Kit to your Glock.

The GCA Guntech magazine is just one of the many benefits that membership brings. If you really want to become a gun expert consider joining. More info and a trial membership can be seen HERE.

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Tips from the Workbench–Screw Kits

kenBrookswith Ken Brooks
AGI Instructor and Master Gunsmith

In this excerpt from GCA‘s Guntech Video Magazine, Master Gunsmith Ken Brooks looks at some of the kits of screws, roll pins and other small necessary items. While these may not be necessary for the gun “tinkerer” who works on just a couple of guns, the professional gunsmith shops find these a necessity.

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Gunsmithing Q&A with Ken Brooks

Ken Brooks, PISCO Gunsmithing

with Master Gunsmith Ken Brooks
AGI Instructor, Owner Pisco Gunsmithing

AGI students and Gun Club of America members get access to several methods of contact with the instructors, including a special forum on the Gun Club of America members-only website. Here are a few of their questions to Master Gunsmith Ken Brooks. His answers may also help some of you improve your gunsmithing skills.
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Gunsmithing Q&A with Ken Brooks

kenBrooksAGI Instructor Ken Brooks
PISCO Gunsmithing in Oregon.

AGI Instructor and Master Gunsmith Ken Brooks loves to help other gunsmiths, especially those still building their experience and skills, by answering their questions. If you are a Gun Club of America member or an AGI Pro Course student, you also get access to this invaluable benefit.

Take a look at these three questions he has answered in the past. Many of you might be asking for the same information. Continue reading