Trigger Job Techniques

Jack Landisby Jack Landis
AGI Technical Services Manager

In this video extract from GCA’s Guntech Video Magazine, Jack demonstrated some techniques for making sure your trigger jobs are done accurately and safely. CLICK HERE to find out how you can join the Gun Club of America and get videos like this, including a new disassembly/reassembly every month with the Guntech video magazine, plus lots of other great benefits for gunsmiths as well as regular gun owners. Become a Firearms Expert!.

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Tip From The Workbench–Extractors

kenBrookswith Ken Brooks
AGI Instructor and Master Gunsmith

When the Gun Club of America staff were range testing the Chiappa M 27, they encountered some feeding problems. So they sent the firearm to AGI Instructor Ken Brooks to analyze the gun and try to determine what went wrong and how to remedy it. What Ken found easily developed into a very teachable moment about extractors and extractor fit. Continue reading

Ballistol: an Upcoming Favorite Amongst Gunsmiths

Delesoyby Dana Delesoy
Guns and Gunsmiths Contributor

I first heard about Ballistol while watching a back-issue of GCA’s GunTech DVD magazine (issue #108). Gene Kelly (president of the American Gunsmithing Institute) interviewed a Ballistol representative at SHOT SHOW. I was really impressed what was said about it. Something claiming to be as versatile as Ballistol and also non-toxic is a combination that gets my attention. When I finished watching the interview I immediately visited the company’s website and read absolutely everything posted about the product. Continue reading

Dwell Time And Your Trigger

HollandBy Darrell Holland
AGI Senior Instructor/Master Gunsmith

If you own a Remington or Winchester rifle fitted with a Jewell trigger, you need to understand how to adjust the trigger setting correctly for greatest accuracy. Master Gunsmith and long-range shooting expert Darrell Holland explains how to adjust your trigger so your gun’s “dwell time” doesn’t hinder your ability to bag that prize buck. Continue reading