In The War Room—A Problem AK Receiver

with AGI Instructor John Bush

This time in The War Room, John looks at a friend’s AK that would not accept a magazine. He shows not only how they managed to fix the problem, but demonstrates the type of critical thinking and gunsmithing skills that make a true craftsman. He was even able to save the owner some money by salvaging some parts, rather than simply throwing more money at the problem. Continue reading

Converting a Full Auto Kit to Semi Auto

with AGI instructor John Bush

Probably not many of you have had the chance to shoot a full auto machine gun or submachine gun, but if you have you know how much fun it is. However, for most of us it is illegal to own a full auto firearm unless you can get the appropriate license, but if you still want to own a gun that looks like an auto, the solution can be converting one to semi-auto. Continue reading