In The War Room—A Problem AK Receiver

with AGI Instructor John Bush

This time in The War Room, John looks at a friend’s AK that would not accept a magazine. He shows not only how they managed to fix the problem, but demonstrates the type of critical thinking and gunsmithing skills that make a true craftsman. He was even able to save the owner some money by salvaging some parts, rather than simply throwing more money at the problem. Continue reading

Converting a Full Auto Kit to Semi Auto

with AGI instructor John Bush

Probably not many of you have had the chance to shoot a full auto machine gun or submachine gun, but if you have you know how much fun it is. However, for most of us it is illegal to own a full auto firearm unless you can get the appropriate license, but if you still want to own a gun that looks like an auto, the solution can be converting one to semi-auto. Continue reading

FAL Receiver Machining

with John Bush
AGI Instructor

AGI Instructor John Bush is a real “nut” when it comes to military firearms, and probably has forgotten more about  historic military weapons and paraphernalia than most of us ever knew. His interest in this area includes weapons, accessories, ammo. literature — just about it all.

In this video John was through the steps used to machine a 10 pound casting into a finished FAL receiver, the old fashioned way before CNC machines existed. If you are a fan of machining gun parts, or simply interested in how things are made you will not only enjoy this video, you may pick up a few tips for your own machine shop along the way as well. Continue reading