Workshop Tip–Military Weapons Tools

with AGI Military Arms Instructor John Bush

What do amateur and professional gunsmiths like almost as much as guns? Why, gunsmithing tools of course. Remember the old saying–“He who dies with the most tools wins!”

In this video, military arms specialist John Bush looks at just some of the specialty tools you may be able to find for working on older weapons. Even if you can’t find these tools yourself, you may get some ideas on how to make your own tools for when you need to work on someone’s (or your own) firearms. Continue reading

In The War Room–Vickers Rifles

with AGI Military Arms Instructor John Bush

In this video, John Bush shows a couple of neat rifles–the Vickers Martini! That’s right, Vickers not only made an effective machine gun that many of us are familiar with, but also these small caliber rifles. Wouldn’t you just love to spend a day or two poking through John’s military weapons collection? Continue reading

In The War Room—A Problem AK Receiver

with AGI Instructor John Bush

This time in The War Room, John looks at a friend’s AK that would not accept a magazine. He shows not only how they managed to fix the problem, but demonstrates the type of critical thinking and gunsmithing skills that make a true craftsman. He was even able to save the owner some money by salvaging some parts, rather than simply throwing more money at the problem. Continue reading