Fitting and Chambering a Custom Barrel—Part 1

By Joe Fischnaller
Owner – Moses Lake Custom Rifles
GCA SilverPLUS Member


About a year ago, in an article I wrote for GunTech, I discussed my method of blueprinting a Remington 700 action to wring the greatest possible accuracy from it. We made a number of cuts on both the action itself and the bolt; each time removing as little metal as possible, but enough to assure the bolt and action were as true as possible in all areas that matter for accuracy. Continue reading

Tips From The Workbench with Ken Brooks–Polishing Chambers

kenBrooksAGI Gunsmithing Instructor and Master Gunsmith
Ken Brooks operates
 PISCO Gunsmithing in Oregon.

Always willing to teach and share his experiences, this time Ken answers another AGI student’s question. He takes the time to show you the procedures and tools he uses to polish chambers. He demonstrates the procedure on a tight .22 cal chamber. As usual his methods are simple, straightforward and easy to execute. Continue reading

Customizing the Remington 700 — Part 1


Darrell Holland

by Darrell Holland

The Remington 700 rifle platform is very popular, with millions of rifles made. It’s also a versatile platform on which to build a custom rifle. I will explain different aspects you should consider when planning a custom build. Hopefully, you will be in a better position to decide what you really need for your own application or for your customer’s, and how to get the most from your investment, in terms of both time and money.

(This article first appeared here in 2013, but it generated so much interest I have repeated it for new subscribers –ed)

Continue reading

In Gun News This Week

Here are some relevant stories found on the web this week for the New Year.

Retro CAR-bine

Dan Rogersby Dan Rogers
Guns and Gunsmiths Contributor

A few months back I wrote an article on a retro AR project where I set out to replicate the M16A1 rifle my dad carried in the Army. In doing so I seem to have opened a can of worms. The project made me debate a retro carbine project. My dad occasionally carried a CAR15, hence the spelling of my title. CAR15 was a catch all term that applied to carbines the military carried before the M4 existed. Since my dad’s carbine was a 10.5-inch barreled carbine, I shelved the project not wanting to obtain the tax stamp needed for the SBR. However; about three months ago my wife brought home a shiny new gunzine for me. I suppose I had been well behaved enough for her to bring me a treat from her outing to the bookstore. On the cover was at what first glance seemed to be an M4 carbine. Closer inspection of the photo revealed something a bit more unique than your standard M4. It seemed eerily familiar with its A1 lower, C7 receiver, XM style stock, and M4 contoured barrel. Continue reading

Ask the Gunsmith with Jack Landis

Jack LandisAGI Technical Services Manager, Jack Landis, answers a question
from an AGI customer that many of you will find educational.

Correcting the Barrel/Cylinder Gap on Smith & Wesson Revolvers

Our customer Craig wrote to ask; “I have a S&W Model 29 revolver that has a cylinder to barrel gap of 0.010. Is there an economical way to reduce this gap to about 0.002 to 0.003?” Continue reading