Korth 9mm Revolver Conversion

with Gene Kelly
AGI/GCA President

Found at the 2016 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Gene Kelly looks at a conversion for S&W revolvers from Korth that makes it possible to shoot 9mm ammo without the need for moon clips. This would make a nice conversion for either you or your customers looking to be able to shoot inexpensive 9mm from your favorite wheelgun.

You can find the product HERE on their website. Continue reading

Modular AR rifle system from MGI

with Gene Kelly
AGI President

At the SHOT Show, you see a huge number of new and innovative firearms and shooting solutions, all under one roof. It can take days to see all of the booths and spend a little time looking at their products.

In this video, AGI President Gene Kelly looks at one solution from M.G.I.–a modular AR system that allows you to easily switch calibers, all the way from .22LR to .50 Beowulf. And because the lower receiver stays put, you only have one serial number. Continue reading

Product Demo: Taccon AR-15 Trigger System

with Gene Kelly
AGI and Gun Club of America President

In this video from the SHOT Show Range Day, Gene Kelly looks at a drop-in trigger system from TACCON USA that is so fast it makes your AR-15 run almost as quickly as an automatic. Good thing ammo has come down in price!

I wonder how long it will take before some liberal politician gets wind of it and has it banned. Continue reading

Enjoying the guns I already own!

by Gene Kelly
AGI/GCA President

Seems like whenever I go places where there are new or different firearms, such as the SHOT Show, visiting manufacturers or doing testing for GunTech, I come away lusting after some new gun or guns!.  I mean get real, I don’t think a mule could even begin to carry all the guns I own now, so why on earth do I need another one?!

Well, “need” as I am sure you know isn’t really the issue, but WANT certainly is and I am O.K. with that!  Hey I need that beautiful Chiappa color case hardened receiver, single shot, Baby Sharps in .30/30 caliber because, well, it would be cool for, um, hunting deer? Continue reading

Peters Stahl 1911 Field Evaluation

With AGI’s Jack Landis, Gene Shuey and Gene KellyJack Landis

Last week we showed the bench evaluation of this unique 1911 pistol. Able to be changed to a number of different calibers simply by swapping out the barrel and magazine, this is a hard-to-find, but enviable firearm.

This week the AGI team take it to the range and put it through its paces. How will it do? Will Gene ever get it back? Watch and learn. Continue reading

Protect Your Gunsmithing Rights

Gene Kelly head Shotfrom Gene Kelly
President, American Gunsmithing Institute

Help Protect America’s Gunsmiths

Here’s How: As you may have heard the Obama Administration pulled a fast one and came out with some “Guidance” requiring Gunsmiths to Register and Pay an Outrageous fee of $2,250 with the State Department of Export controls known at the D.D.T.C. – Now our Friends in Congress have sponsored a bill to remove this burden on the industry, but we have to act fast to make sure it happens.

CALL Your Congressman today and ask them to Support H.R. 6176, the Export Control Reform Act of 2016.

Then Call your Senator and tell them to Support the Senate Version which is S. 3405.

Tell them both that it isn’t fair to hurt the small business person, like Gunsmiths, and that this will affect your freedoms. Do it today. We need to smoke their phones right now BEFORE the Election. Then follow up with an email to them and if you can, a printed letter. But at least start with a phone call.

Thanks for defending ALL of our freedoms by Supporting Gunsmiths in this unfair regulatory struggle.

To Our Freedoms!,

Gene Kelly
President American Gunsmithing Institute
Gun Club of America