My Glock Build Show Gun Becomes a Special Gift…

By AGI Student Don Harden

I have always been partial to rifles and shotguns. Those are the guns I grew up with and learned to shoot from my Dad. I remember Dad owned some handguns, but we just never shot them much. Additionally, I couldn’t hit a bull in the butt in a phone booth when trying to shoot any of them! Continue reading

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Gunsmithing Tip–Kahr CW45 Slide Stop Retainer Fix

By William O. Milne
Gun Club of America SilverPLUS Member
AGI Professional Gunsmithing Graduate
DBI William Oliver Gunsmith

A customer showed up at my shop with a Kahr CW45 all locked up, slide stop pin in hand, and a spent cartridge in the chamber. After tapping on it with a wooden mallet while working the slide, I managed to get the pin back in and eject the cartridge. During take-down, the problem was shown to me by the customer. The slide stop spring retaining screw was loose, although he had tightened it several times when the pin kept working out. On further examination, the plastic hole that the #2-56 machine thread screw was supposed to thread into was stripped out. Continue reading

“Sows Ear” Trapdoor to “Silk Purse” Officers Model

by Randy DeLung
Gun Club of America Member

This project actually had its beginnings thirty years ago. I have always wanted a trapdoor rifle. At the time I only worked weekends, so I had ample time to do whatever I wanted. I came across a stock, barrel, and lock for a Springfield muzzle-loading rifle. With nothing more than a hacksaw, file and a desire to make something with my own hands, I set to work making something that would look like a Trapdoor carbine. My biggest achievement was to fashion a breech block out of a chunk of steel with a hacksaw and files. Actually it turned out pretty well. Continue reading

AR Trigger Jobs Made A Little Easier

by GCA Member Thomas Brooks

Since the year 2008 we have had quite a surge in the sale of firearms. Whether it was a popular trend or influenced by outside forces, some of the most sought after firearms for almost ten years have been the AR platform rifles. At times we had shortages of both available guns and the ammo for them. But that has begun to change. While sales are still high, prices have come down, and availability has gone up. Now that freedom loving patriots have these marvels of engineering in their hands they want to personalize them. This can be anything from pink quad-rail foregrips to thousand dollar scopes. As firearm investments turn from initial panic purchases to increasing a firearm’s worth to its owner there is money to be made for gunsmiths. Continue reading

My exploding “.223” Pistol Build

By Bill Paradis
Gun Club of America SilverPLUS Member

With high expectations, and the anticipation of adding a new pistol to my brother’s collection, he and I set out to build an AR15 pistol from an 80% lower from Genesis CNC, and a complete pistol upper from SOTA. He was on vacation and stopped by here to build his new pistol. He knew I had the tools, the range, and, thanks to AGI, the knowledge to build out a stripped lower. He had all the parts shipped to me and brought his milled 80% lower with him. Continue reading

Taxidermy Tips for Hunters on a Budget

By Dr. Jim and Mary Clary

After spending hours and days in our taxidermist’s shop and watching him work his magic, we have to say professional taxidermists earn every penny they charge. Amateurs should never attempt to do a shoulder or head mount with a home taxidermy kit. It is a lot harder than you think and requires a great deal of skill.  Continue reading

Gunsmith Business Tips I Would Like to Pass On

CapitalCityby Luke Patchett
Capital City Gunsmiths

This excellent article was posted on Guns and Gunsmiths a couple of years ago. It received such a great response that I thought it worth while repeating for new subscribers–editor.

I am loving this business. I do like the gunsmithing trade, but I also love the business side of it as well. The gunsmith skill is really only half of the trade, without business skills, you will have trouble growing.

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