by Gun Club of America Member
Robert Garr

In the 35 years I worked in power stations, it was pounded into our heads that “there’s no such thing as an accident,  just failures to adhere to safety protocols “. I always took exception to that and thought of it as a way to always put the blame on the employees but never being the fault of the employer, or an equipment manufacturer. There’s always a scenario where an accident can occur.  Always! Continue reading

A Luger Safety Catch Problem Fixed

By Ryan M. Davis
GCA Member

Cross Saber Custom Gunsmithing
Kouts, IN

Shortly after I opened my shop about four years ago, a customer brought me a Mauser/Byf Luger where the safety catch would fall down when the pistol was fired. On the Luger the safety catch is engaged when the lever is in the down, position preventing the firearm from firing the next round, and fires in the up position. The detent in the nose of the safety catch was worn away and would not engage the dimples in the frame. When the pistol was fired the surge caused the worn safety catch drop out of the fire position just about every time it was discharged. Not a super dangerous situation for a plinker/collector, but my customer was very annoyed by it.

Continue reading

Two Glock Projects

by GCA Member Thomas Brooks

As a fan of Glocks I wanted to take my G22 and do a little upgrading with factory original parts.

I started with a trigger job that greatly improved the function of the gun. I had previously installed a Cominolli safety (yea, I know, not original) so I kept it in. This may change as I really don’t care much for the safety kit; more than likely I will go back to the factory trigger housing and patch the safety cut. Continue reading

Re-Barreling M1 Garands

By Ryan M. Davis
Cross Saber Custom Gunsmithing LLC
Kouts, In

Over the last couple years I have worked on several of the local Veteran organization’s M1 Garand rifles. Not too long ago I had five of these rifles brought into the shop by a local American Legion. These rifles were actually having issues with the BFA’s (Blank Firing Adapters) flying off of the muzzle during ceremonies. The last one was shot into a crowd, luckily with no injuries. Continue reading

Bolt Extractor Reassembly Tool

by GCA Member Neil Raskin

While working on the reassembly of a bolt (left handed in this case) for a Ruger Scout Rifle, caliber: .223 Remington, I found that I needed a third hand to hold the extractor band together to allow for the reassembly of the extractor to the bolt.  I know that I could have used a vise, but I thought that I may need to do this sometime when I did not have a vise available. Continue reading

An Unexpected Jewel—Marlin MR-L

by GCA Member Robert Garr

An unexpected jewel. It’s one of those rifles that most of us would not consider as our first choice. It kinda gets passed over for the more standard, or advertised guns on the rack. But my buddy has a history of choosing guns just like that. You know the type. He always has the cash to buy a gun, but just shouldn’t do so alone. Well, I figured that this was no exception. Continue reading