High School Gun Clubs in Australia

by Gary Howes
Guns and Gunsmiths Editor

Growing up in Australia many years ago (too many to mention without feeling old) there were many opportunities for a teenager to go shooting. I still fondly remember the instances my father took me shooting, and for six years I was a member of the Australian Army Cadets where I was able to shoot everything from Lee Enfield .303s to Brens, Vickers and even a mortar on one occasion. Under strict supervision of course.

However, these are different times—even here in the USA—and there are now much stricter limits on what a young person can do with regards to firearms. That’s why I was pleased to receive an email from one of our Australian G&G subscribers, Garry Bennett, when I was in Australia earlier this month visiting family. Continue reading

Gunsmith Marketing — Pick a card, any card

gunstoreYou’ve spent a lot of time training to be a gunsmith, and now you need to build your business so you can recoup that investment, generate some real income doing what you love, keep the lights on, and have some money left over for continuing your education, buying more tools and enjoying the rewards that come from operating a successful business.
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Another Gunsmithing Student Handbook by Fred Zeglin

Not long ago I reviewed the first two of a series of Gunsmithing Student Handbooks by G&G Contributor Fred Zeglin. These handbooks are full of the most essential information on the subject, that any gunsmith can benefit from.

Now Fred has added a third book to the series “Chambering Rifles for Accuracy”. Here is his Press Release with more information. Continue reading