Another Gunsmithing Student Handbook by Fred Zeglin

Not long ago I reviewed the first two of a series of Gunsmithing Student Handbooks by G&G Contributor Fred Zeglin. These handbooks are full of the most essential information on the subject, that any gunsmith can benefit from.

Now Fred has added a third book to the series “Chambering Rifles for Accuracy”. Here is his Press Release with more information. Continue reading

To Gauge or Not to Gauge?

By Fred Zeglin
AGI Instructor, Author,
Lassen College Gunsmithing Graduate and Cartridge Designer.

Liability is the question

I talk to hundreds of gunsmiths each month. It surprises me how often these “professionals” decide not to use a headspace gauge when they are available to them. They say, “No, that’s OK, I’ll just use the brass.” Continue reading

Make It Shoot!

ZeglinBy Fred Zeglin,
4D Reamer Rentals

A while back a gentleman brought me a factory gun that was shooting poorly; groups were averaging 2.5″ for five shots.  It made no difference what ammo was used.  The  client had tried factory ammo and reloads in different bullet weights.  He tried changing loads and seating depth, even neck sizing was attempted just to see if cases fire-formed to the chamber were more accurate.  Continue reading