Camping For Seniors Part 2–Just Hangin’ Around!

by Gary Howes
Guns and Gunsmiths Editor

You may recall an earlier article I wrote about the necessity to make changes to our camping equipment in order to allow for the lack of flexibility that occurs as we get a little longer in the tooth. Mainly, the need to be able to avoid having to get up and down from the ground all the time, and to “raise the bar” so to speak with our camp setup. Continue reading

Restoring the Ithaca Model 37–Part 2

By David Fey
AGI Practical Gunsmithing Course Graduate, GCA Member

Ithaca 2-1

Reducing Effects Of Corrosion By Polishing

The next step after de-rusting was to reduce the effects of corrosion using an 8″ fine wire wheel on a motor at 3450 RPM. I used the lightest pressure possible, especially on the sides of the receiver, against the imprinted scenes, and the top of the receiver where the metal was checkered along its centerline. My goal was to remove as little metal as possible. I carded the barrel, receiver, magazine tube, and trigger guard and polished with a muslin wheel and fine abrasive paste.

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Bug Out Bag Basics–water, water everywhere…

by Gary Howes
Guns and Gunsmiths editor.

Probably the most important thing you need in any emergency situation is water. You need it for hydration (you can last a week or more without food, but only a few days at most without water), for cooking some foods or brewing teas from safe plants, and even for personal hygiene. OK, maybe you can go a long time without a bath, but if your friends start putting more and more distance between them and you, you know it’s time to clean up your act.

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Converting a Full Auto Kit to Semi Auto

with AGI instructor John Bush

Probably not many of you have had the chance to shoot a full auto machine gun or submachine gun, but if you have you know how much fun it is. However, for most of us it is illegal to own a full auto firearm unless you can get the appropriate license, but if you still want to own a gun that looks like an auto, the solution can be converting one to semi-auto. Continue reading