Case Preparation for Reloading

ZeglinThumbnailwith Fred Zeglin
AGI Instructor and Owner of 4D Reamer Rentals

AGI Instructor Fed Zeglin knows reloading. In fact, he is the instructor in the recent AGI video course, Reloading from A to Z, and is the author of a number of articles on the subject right here on Guns and Gunsmiths.

In this video Fred goes over the basics of case preparation–essential if you are looking for consistently accurate results from your reloaded ammo.

One Response to Case Preparation for Reloading

  1. Good video on the basics but you left out one major step to maintain consistency and accuracy. CASE TRIMMING. As you are aware it’s more necessary to do with rifle cases than pistol cases. I will agree that you should debur both the case neck inside and outside occasionally but by trimming the cases and deburring them it is a necessity to do this process. Also by trimming the cases you create a consistent bullet depth seating and proper, consistent crimping of the bullet head.

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