Can You Help Answer these Forum Questions?

Once again there are a number of gunsmithing question that have been posted in the forums section of this website that have not been answered. Can you help your fellow G&G subscribers?

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I have a Springfield 107A, no serial #, that the spring on the trigger/hammer has come disengaged. I think the problem is that the pin in the spring is not being held in place at the rear of the action by the stud that the stock bolt screws into. As I was trying to replace it the pin would pass through the hole, so that it wouldn’t be pinned into the pivot block between the spring and the trigger/hammer. Also, what is the best way to compress the spring to get it in place?

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Just wondering if anyone knows whether or not a 10 mm Glock barrel, OEM or aftermarket, can have the chamber shortened by shrink installing a sleeve into the barrel which can then be reamed down to the correct headspacing depth to accept the 40 s&w round? basically just bringing the shoulder up the 2mm or so needed to match the 40 chamber.

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I am aware that is not recommended to shoot steel shot through a full choke 12 gauge, is the same true for a 10 gauge? it is virtually impossible to find lead shot for this gun in Canada. How much of the muzzle would have to be milled out or cut off to get it to a constriction which would accommodate steel shot?

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Hoping someone here can help. I have two very nice Mauser model 66 rifles. One is fine but the other has a problem. I’m trying to find out if there is still a gunsmith in the USA that might know how to work on one these classics. The one in question is s 30.06. The Problem is the safety doesn’t work and I need it fixed.

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So I have an Astra Constable I bought new in 1981. The rear sight shot loose yesterday and the retention screw and sight blade went PING! Need to know if there’s a replacement available or another type like a Walther PPK would fit the dovetail.

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How do I “reset” the bolt on a stevens 200 25/06? I have placed a boyds wooden stock on it. Does that matter?

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I just purchased a browning maxus stalker 12 gauge auto loading shotgun. The black plastic dura touch stock is defective. Browning sent me a factory new wooden Forearm and Stock made for the Maxus Hunter model (this was per my request). It was free of charge by the way.

Browning confirmed that these parts are interchangeable.

My question is does the stock have to be installed by a gunsmith? I did this myself and it seems to fit properly. Not sure if there would be any hidden surprise. Any insight would be helpful.

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If you can help any of these other Guns and Gunsmiths readers, I’m sure they would appreciate it. While you are in the Forums section, take a few minutes to look at some of the other posts and see if you can answer any other question and hopefully one day when you need help, someone will be able to return the favor!

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