Bolt Extractor Reassembly Tool

by GCA Member Neil Raskin

While working on the reassembly of a bolt (left handed in this case) for a Ruger Scout Rifle, caliber: .223 Remington, I found that I needed a third hand to hold the extractor band together to allow for the reassembly of the extractor to the bolt.  I know that I could have used a vise, but I thought that I may need to do this sometime when I did not have a vise available. I had recently gone to Harbor Freight and picked up some additional inexpensive hand tools including a cheap, less than $4, vise grip with moveable flat end plates to hold metal parts together for welding. I cut off the flat end plates and reshaped the ends of the vise grip as shown in the photo below:


The locked vise grip, now a third hand, is used to hold the extractor band (shown in the left photo below) together allowing the extractor (shown in right photo) to easily slip onto the bolt:

Once the extractor is slid over the extractor band, the vise grip is unlocked, removed, and the extractor is then slid on the remainder of the way and rotated into its assembled position on the bolt. This tool allows for the simple reassembly of the extractor onto the bolt for this firearm and others of similar design.

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