Bob Dunlap–Gunsmithing Tools

DunlapIn this interview with AGI President Gene Kelly,  Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap tells us what he considers the essential tools needed to get started in gunsmithing.

You’ll be amazed at how few he says you really need, and that the total cost can be as little as $300! So there’s no excuse for not getting started right now, is there?

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  1. I have enrolled in several long distance learning programs for gunsmithing,but I have to say that nothing is as good as AGI. Especially with all the world class instructors that AGI has.

  2. I took two different courses in GunSmithing but AGI was the very best. The DVDs are a great help. I must have 50+ but the big problem special tools. I have repaired six Remington 742 30-06 rifles and have to take the nut off to remove the barrel with a crescent wrench and to me this is a improper tool. Remington could not help me. But this is the very best course anyone can take.

    • Try using a flat faced plumbers wrench, they have smooth jaws that won’t mar a finish. A 14″ wrench about 40 bills at a plumbing supply house and a cheater pipe can be added for additional torque.

  3. I first used AGI videos to learn how to completely field strip several of my guns for detailed cleaning, then went on to their trigger job DVD on the 1911. Not only was it very informative, but it taught me what I needed to know in an easy to understand way. Even I couldn’t screw something up after watching an AGI DVD and I’m all thumbs.

    • I hear ya, brother! I first got into the AGI videos after purchasing a CPO Sig P226. I ordered the course on Sig Autos–which after viewing several of their other courses afterward I still think is one of their best (if not THE best)–and I watched… and I watched again… and I watched again… and… I can’t tell you how many times I watched it, absorbing a little more each time, until I finally worked up the courage to dive in. I’m the “all thumbs” guy, too. Contractors smile when they see me with a tool… they know I’m going to muck it up and it’ll cost 10 times more to repair than if I called them in the first place. 🙂 Anyway, point is, I was able to completely disassemble/reassemble the pistol, and I know how every part inside it works. I was so proud of myself and the quality of the video instruction that I sent Jack Landis a personal “thank you” e-mail for producing such a high-quality training video. I’ve since become a certified Sig armorer (both factory and P.O.S.T.), and after having participated in the formal courses I can now verify first-hand that the DVD is almost as good as being there in person; and better in several ways (the factory course doesn’t even teach how the pistol operates internally!). If I can do it, anybody can.

  4. I am a Gunsmith and was told by a Master Gunsmith that helps me if needed. I took your basic course and loved it. I served my country in the U.S. Navy for 19 years and now I am disabled so this is a good job for me.I talked to Mr. Landis at the Gun Show in KY he impressed me.I built a Caspian 1911 45 ACP by my self and it was tested by my friend and was told I did a great job.I have built 25 AR-15s by Anderson.I have repaired old gun from 22 and larger and I enjoy it.

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