Bob Dunlap and Gunsmithing Tools

DunlapIn this interview with AGI President Gene Kelly,  Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap tells us what he considers the essential tools needed to get started in gunsmithing.

You’ll be amazed at how few he says you really need, and that the total cost can be as little as $300! So there’s no excuse for not getting started right now, is there?

One Response to Bob Dunlap and Gunsmithing Tools

  1. Thanks for the tip on getting started,unfortunately I’m a tool guy like Jack and if they make it,I have to have it. I don’t necessarily mean a lathe or mill. I do have the drill press and Foredom,but I do sometimes go overboard when it comes to hand tools. I’ve been that way for well over fifty years so I guess there’s no hope in changing.Thanks again BOB……Rick.