Bench Evaluation: Savage GRS10

with AGI Instructor and
Master Gunsmith Ken Brooks

In this review, Master Gunsmith Ken Brooks takes a look at a particular Savage Model 10. What he is looking at though, is not the rifle mechanism itself though, but rather the unique stock. If this type of firearm is something you are interested in, his evaluation will be extremely useful.

4 Responses to Bench Evaluation: Savage GRS10

  1. One thing I noticed right away was that this particular version does not appear to have the normal Savage barrel nut.Does this one have a more typical screw-in barrel like a Remington or Marlin?

  2. I would be curious to hear an engineering analysis of the 1/2 threat approach to the buttplate, and longevity under heavy recoil.
    The 6.5 isn’t as stout as, say a 7mm Rem. Magnum, but I would still be concerned about wear on the threads inside the button.
    I would hate to have that thing fail, suddenly reducing my eye relief to the scope!

  3. One thing Ken doesn’t show is the left side of the stock. In my opinion, the sling swivels are in a funky location. I can foresee them being in the way with a sling attached.