Bench Evaluation–Henry Repeating Rifle

with Master Gunsmith and
AGI Instructor Ken Brooks

AGI Instructor and Master Gunsmith Ken Brooks take a look at one of Henry’s lever action guns. Unlike most other firearms reviews, these bench evaluations are made from the gunsmith’s point of view, giving you valuable insights into the construction and materials used in these guns, not normally seen elsewhere.

Several years ago I was looking for such a rifle and settled on a Henry because of their motto “Made in the USA, or not made at all.” This style of rifle is an iconic firearm of the old west so I wanted a USA made rifle–not one made in Japan or elsewhere! What about you?

2 Responses to Bench Evaluation–Henry Repeating Rifle

  1. I really enjoyed your video because it is very informative and now I can sleep peacefully as I own 4 Henrys; 2 rimfire and 2 centerfire.
    Now for my comment aside from the positive, it was too short. 🙂
    A question, what is your opinion on the different types of magazine tubes? You mention the Marlin which uses a gate to load the magazine and the Henry which uses an inner magazine tube and loads from the muzzle end. w
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of each method and which do you prefer?

  2. me too.
    I have seen several old Henrey’s (old ones) with dented mag tubes, but never a Winchester or Marlin. Easy enough to fix with a .410 shotgun dent remover, but not an every day tool for most people, and certainly not one you would find in the field.
    Is this just a dumb coincidence with me, or is there an actual difference in the thickness / strength of these tubes?