Ask The Gunsmith with Bob Dunlap

Dunlapby Bob Dunlap
AGI Instructor and Master Gunsmith

Gun Club of America Silver and SilverPLUS members get complete access via web, email and phone to the AGI instructors as one of the major benefits of membership. The “Ask The Gunsmith” segment of the monthly Guntech video magazine is one of the most popular articles.

Bob answers two more questions this in this video.

The first concerns a problem with an N. R. Davis and Sons 12 gauge, double-barrel, shotgun circa 1919. There were parts missing and the questioner has been restoring it, fabricating parts as necessary. He just can’t seem to figure out why the extractors aren’t working. In addition he mentions that he knows he can’t shoot it because it has Damascus barrels…  well, Bob not only addresses the extraction problem but also covers the subject of whether it is safe to shoot a Damascus barreled gun and how to know for sure.

The second problem involves how to remove the action bars from a Winchester ’97, solid-frame shotgun. Naturally, Bob has the answer, check it out!

One Response to Ask The Gunsmith with Bob Dunlap

  1. I ran into the problem of having an shotgun with Damascus barrels. An L.C. Smith, made in 1902, was used by my father until the 1950’s for small game. the L.C. is now in my possession. I took it to a local gunsmith who is known for his work on all of the older shotguns. I had him do a cleaning and inspection. The barrels are tight to the rib and give a clear note when struck lightly with a brass hammer.
    I have found some reduced load, low recoil, low noise shot shells. Winchester makes a reduced load, as well as RST Classic Shotshell Company, Inc.