Ask The Gunsmith — 1911 Questions

Shueywith Gene Shuey
AGI Instructor and Master Pistolsmith

This time AGI Instructor and Master Pistolsmith Gene Shuey answers several 1911 questions for Gun Club of America lessons. Gun Club of America members can also get one-on-one help from the instructors at AGI as well as access to the Ask The Pros forum on the Gun Club of America website. CLICK HERE for details about membership.

4 Responses to Ask The Gunsmith — 1911 Questions

  1. What to i need to know to replace my rifle barrel? If I buy a Remington barrel will it work for my Howa?
    I got a slug stuck in it because i forgot to put powder in one of my reloads. I took the barrel off and got a rod that was just the right diameter so I could knock it out, but no matter how hard i pound it doesn’t budge.

  2. I’m looking at getting either the S&W M&P Shield in either the 9mm or 40 cal. Is there any real noticeable difference in recoil on this size pistol or much of a difference? I want a good all around pistol that is somewhat compact. Both of these pistols are on sale at my local Base Exchange for the same price so I’m curious on which might be better. Any info would be appreciated.


    • Yes, shooting for 22 years mainly the .40 then trying the 9mm there is a big difference, the 9mm is much easier to shoot less recoil and the magazine holds many more rounds than the .40. I think latest ballistic tests may show the .40 is not that much more of a stopper than 9mm so lighter and more rounds is the tradeoff.

      • I’m the owner of Shield .40. A friend of mine recently told me that there are after-market barrels that allow you to convert your .40 into 9mm. Is that true? Is it reasonable to convert my handgun?

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