Another Gunsmithing Student Handbook by Fred Zeglin

Not long ago I reviewed the first two of a series of Gunsmithing Student Handbooks by G&G Contributor Fred Zeglin. These handbooks are full of the most essential information on the subject, that any gunsmith can benefit from.

Now Fred has added a third book to the series “Chambering Rifles for Accuracy”. Here is his Press Release with more information.

Kalispell, MT, April 2, 2018: Fred Zeglin custom gunmaker, along with Gordy Gritters well-known Bench Rest gunsmith, wrote this definitive work detailing the processes required to extract all the accuracy possible from a rifle barrel. As a Gunsmithing instructor Zeglin found a lack of focused teaching material on the subject of gunsmithing. Each book in this series is focused on one narrow subject in gunsmithing. Written with an audience in mind who want to know every detail of the how and why in gunsmithing. These books are ideal for instructing classes on the subject of gunsmithing.

Each book in the series provides a highly detailed and technical explanation of the subject at hand in a way that any gun lover will be able to understand, whether professional or hobbyist. “Chambering Rifles for Accuracy” is the third title in the series. Two titles were released in 2017: “Chambering for Ackley Cartridges” and “Understanding Headspace for Firearms”. These titles dovetail nicely with this new book as the subjects are all clearly connected.

Installation of rifle barrels is a subject that is often seen as mysterious to the gunsmithing customer. Gritters and Zeglin explain every facet of the subject in a complete and technical way that allows any reader to fully grasp the intent and meaning. Clear photos and diagrams aid in the explanation of complicated processes.

Chambering Rifles for Accuracy by Fred Zeglin & Gordy Gritters, 4D Reamer Rentals LTD

ISBN-13: 978-0-9831598-5-8 ∙ Price $39.95 ∙ Softcover: 5.50 x 8.5 ∙ 123 Pages

In Part I of the book the work necessary to create a sub MOA hunting rifle is explained. Related material on reloading, triggers, bedding and rechambering of existing barrels for best results are all covered. In Part II, Gritters lays out a step by step barreling process for the best possible benchrest barreling job, going far beyond the basics. Gordy leaves no stone unturned in his search for best methods and accuracy and he willingly shares all that experience with the student.

About the Authors

Gordy Gritters is a full-time professional gunsmith who has been gunsmithing since 1987, his shop is in Kansas City, MO. His rifles have set many club, state, national, and world records that have won numerous State, Regional and National Championships in a number of disciplines, including 1000 Yard Benchrest and F-Class competition. Gordy helped Grizzly Industrial design their Gunsmith’s Lathes and produced an instructional DVD called “Chambering a Championship Match Barrel” to show how to use his chambering techniques. He now teaches precision rifle-building and accurizing classes several times a year in his shop, as well as being available for teaching private classes around the country.

Fred Zeglin has been building custom hunting rifles for over thirty years. Zeglin has taught classes for the NRA Short Term Gunsmithing program at three separate colleges and is the Coordinator/Instructor for the Firearms Technology program at FVCC. He has published three books prior to the Gunsmithing Student Handbook Series, “Hawk Cartridges Manual” and “Wildcat Cartridges, Reloader’s Handbook of Wildcat Cartridge Design” and “P.O. Ackley, America’s Gunsmith”. Zeglin has also created two digital video courses for the American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI); “Taming Wildcats” and “Reloading A to Z”. Books available on Amazon or from

3 Responses to Another Gunsmithing Student Handbook by Fred Zeglin

  1. The recent book “Chambering Rifles for Accuracy” sounds interesting but NOT at $39.95! I think these books are way over priced. I would take a chance if they were priced at $14.95!

  2. sorry for the previous individual’s response to your book mr ziglin. apparently what “ron” doesn’t understand is how much time and effort goes into compilation and transposing material and data to a readable format. surely the information contained therein and in each book is worth every cent.
    thank you for taking the time to put your insight and education to paper so others can learn from your experience.

    • DMR, Thanks for your comments. The reason for the price is pretty simple. These are college level books, we do not waste your time with maybe or what-if. Gordy and I have spent most of our lives building guns. We chose to share this information so that the 70 or so years of experience he and I have combined does not slip away when we eventually leave the range.

      NRA Summer Courses range in price from $300 up. Gordy offers a one on one face to face class that is based on his half of the book, that class is $1495.00 Maybe that was what Ron was thinking about… LOL