AGI’s Spring Sale–Stickin’ It To YouTube!

You may be aware that YouTube announced some serious restrictions on the videos it will allow relating to firearms. This is going to greatly restrict your ability to find certain videos online, and may even have a detrimental effect on what can be shown here on Guns and Gunsmiths.

To counter that and give you the opportunity to own gun repair videos on DVD instead of relying on YouTube, AGI’s President Gene Kelly had this to say in a recent email:

YouTube Bans Gun Videos!

As we predicted, the Social Engineers that control YouTube are now Banning How-To Gun Videos!! They have total disregard for your Firearm Freedoms.

Protect yourself and stick it to them by owning this How-to information on DVD, so that you can be self-reliant and keep your Guns Operating, with safety and enhanced accuracy!

Click this link and see our Spring sales offer on our website.  

Or CLICK HERE to download the complete Sales Flier as a pdf.

This sales offer expires May 18, 2018, so don’t miss out.

To Protecting our Firearm Freedoms,

Gene at AGI

17 Responses to AGI’s Spring Sale–Stickin’ It To YouTube!

  1. AGI has many very good DVD’s on “basic” gunsmithing but what about more in-debt subjects relating to “custom” gun work! Subjects such as: Machining scope mounts and iron sights to fit the round contour of rifle actions. Or locating where and how to position stock reinforcing recoil bolts. Or how to machine a quarter barrel rib. Or what grit and how to sandblast the top of a pistol to reduce glare!

    • All good suggestions, but I don’t work for AGI so nothing I can do. I suggest you get in contact with Jack Landis there and let him hear your ideas.

  2. Not to worry. The firearms videos can be (and are being) posted on PornHub where there will be other interesting videos to see.

  3. It looks like AGI Is just taking advantage of the situation. These specials of theirs is offered regularly at those prices. They could give us a real special on some how to videos, not advertisements for their courses.

  4. Have you explored the option of using sites such as Full30 and Gun District?

    Thank You,
    Mike Carver

    • You’re entirely right! YouTube has created a tremendous opportunity for anyone willing and able to exploit it. Since I’m a teacher and my wife is a preacher, PornHub is a poor life choice for me, even if it’s “just for the gun videos”. Those are always awkward headlines, so I look forward to better alternatives.

  5. I would suggest you start sending your content to, it’s a great sute for gun folks.

    • Thanks Lex and others. I was just told that AGI is looking into and has in fact reserved a couple of channel names. They are also looking at developing their own platform.

  6. It’s BS that Youtube is restricting gunsmithing videos! This is just like saying that they should ban “How to repair your car” videos! This way, nobody could fix their car and go out and plow down 50 people in a crosswalk!

  7. Will YouTube also ban any anti gun “stuff” that might find its way to them or is this another case of a particular minority influencing what could be considered 1st Ammendment disregard by the uninformed people at YouTube.
    If they feel like they are right in this discision then I want nothing more to do with them.

  8. YouTube has/had its purpose.Their decision. Pornhub, not a good idea, as I have some young men, who probably already know about that for other reasons. We were all young once. Will not use YouTube ever again. As a Gunsmith/Armorer new to the business (Five years), I have used some of the videos to learn a few things. I know my limitations, and when I have not worked on a particular firearm in a while and have no history photos, it has pulled my butt out of the fire a few times. Anything you guys can do to assist our craft will be greatly appreciated!!!!! I know there are many folks out there who rely on this type of information for guidance, and maybe they won’t mess up their firearm. I would support a different platform for us to use. Just sorry I did not save some of the past info. Freedom of Speech and the Second Amendment are what we have left, and we will not lose these rights.