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    • Joshua

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    • I love the Info Joshua , May I say I am a Studying Gunsmith an d I Love it , Thanks for the Help !

      Albert Sand

    • Thanks for the Newsletter—We gun owners need a fast brief ALERT emails on what is happening around the country regarding our Gun Ownership, This appears to be the answer and hope you continue with short brief articles and ALERTS!

    • I think this will be a great tool. I’m in the beginning stages of getting my Gunsmithing business off the ground.

    • Hello Everyone,
      My name is Mike and I live in England United Kingdom.
      I am at this time upgrading my Remington 700 BDL in .22-250 Rem. I’m using Pacific Tool & Gauge upgrades. Dave Kiff is a really nice bloke{guy}

      Regards mike

    • Howdy. I’m glad AGI put this in my email. Knives scare the h… out of me but I love guns. I can’t afford to take their coarse but it’s so good to know places like this are here to pass on tips. Hope you stay up for a long time.
      Thanks for being here,

    • I am currently new to gunsmithing and love the art of craftsmanship that it is.
      I currently duracoat firearms and that comes with the dis-assembly and re-assembly of weapons. I am hoping to further my experience into fixing and modifying firearms for my customers…

        • I just signed up and got a warning also~ Security certificate, (name did not match). Why not try it yourself from the consumer point of view~sign up from a diff computer?

          • Thanks. I will ask our IT dept. I believe the security certificate is due for renewal–probably something to do with that. As we do not do any credit card sales or ask for any personal info at all on Guns and Gunsmiths, it’s really not an issue though.

    • You are welcome, I am looking for parts for a Bolo type C96 Mauser. Also a gunsmith that can rebuild a C96. Thank you, Michael H Semones

    • All this is …..is a venue for AGI to advertise there antiquated gunsmith school….now let me see thiw get posted cause you know its true.

      • Your opinion is valued as much as anyone else’s, so of course your comment was posted. Now please elucidate why you think AGI’s school is “antiquated”.

      • Hi Dave, I have taken the courses from AGI and believe I may understand your perspective. Much of the material I received was shot back when VHS was the primary storage medium and has been digitally remastered. Consequently it can a bit outdated. But please consider the following. Much of what we consider modern firearms design is based on design work done before 1900. Bolt action rifles, pump shotguns and even semi automatic handguns share this in common. The biggest improvements in the firearms arena come not from new concepts but rather from developments in manufacturing technologies and material science. There is some interesting newer work done mixed in as well but even then the basic physics of firearms has not changed at all.

        The point is that a proper and appropriate repair today is based not so much on the cinematic quality of the video but rather the correct information being conveyed in an understandable way. AGI, in my opinion does this pretty well. I have also found that the understanding of different operating systems has given me an appreciation for the differences I see in other information that exists out in the world. Some of it is good and some not. At least now I have something to compare it to. There is great value in that.

        I find it also very telling that AGI in recent years has solicited from their customer base the opportunity to examine and explore an ever expanding list of common and not so common firearms models. That they would do so is something I find commendable. The risk, in a business sense, of producing a video about how to disassemble, repair and reassemble an obscure firearm, with a smaller market, is a great example of their commitment to preserving a shrinking tradition.

        Last but not least, you are correct, i believe, in seeing that this is an avenue for AGI to make available the information they have made considerable investment in to support the tradition, profession and craft of firearms in general. It is also….. a place where people like you and me can share our experiences in pursuit of those things even if we don’t choose to purchase. None of these things are something that I would fault AGI for but rather applaud them for making the effort.

  1. Just subscribed. Also thanks for the invite to be a Contributor to this Web Sight. Gene and the whole crew are Great People! I’m a retired US Soldier that has his own Gun Repair Shop in LA-Louisiana that is. I’ve taken Genes courses to assist with my Military courses I’ve had. It’s even landed me on SONS OF GUNS, as part time help. Big dude, Flat top!! Anyway. I’ll say it here I’m very much looking forward to getting my Work, Survival skills, Project guns and just plain “from the hip”, tips that can save you time and money, not to mention YOUR LIFE!!! Rob Roy.
    PS. Gene thanks for the invite. the invite.

  2. I hope this site the very basic site because I’m a very basic gun owner and have done no gunsmithing to speak of. I also like all the gun shows like Sons of Guns, Top Shot, American Gun, Gun Nuts, etc.

  3. Looking forward to all I can learn. I am 66 and still try to find one new thing a day. Ex-Navy pilot, Vietnam and Desert Storm Vet.

  4. PS. Forgot to mention I am a member of Mosin,Mausers and military weapons. They are a great bunch of Military Modifiers and purest with a main focus on Mosin Nagants.

  5. Thanks for the invite.I enjoy information about gunsmithing.I had a box handed to me full of gun parts ,rifle,shotgun,auto,and revolver pistols.My friend told me if i could build them we would shoot them.It was about 75 of them.

  6. Great to see this site and look forward to many great articles and tips.

    Thanks for being the foundation of a successful gunsmith business, I’m having great fun learning again and putting my new found knowledge to good use.


  7. Well this could be great because I’ve learned a lot from AIG (see below),lets see.
    After I got my course and hat during the so called financial
    melt down many low information voters said how can you were that hat or are they paying you to ware that because the color and logo were almost the same as AGI whom I actually had an account with.
    I learned much more than that and have my FFL 07 and but still working toward full time gunsmith.
    Hey Gene why not hold a contest to name a new color for your hats.

  8. Thanks to all that made this possible. I am looking forward all the help I can get. I want to preserve the craft that contributed to much of our nations history.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Sent from my iPhone

  9. I am a retired lawyer who builds benchrest rifles and high end hunting and varmint rifles. I am looking forward to newsletter.


  10. looking forward to the letter and it is always good bto compare ideas and ways to improve upon the wisdom of how to do it better thanks ron

  11. Another AGI powerhouse of information for gunsmiths, collectors and owners. The best decession I have ever made concerning my financial future was when I became an AGI student via thier Master Gunsmithing Course. Thank you Team AGI for all that you do for all of us!

  12. I hope this new e-mails will help me sharpen my gunsmithing techniques. I have done work on just about every gun I shoot. Lightening the trigger & general accurizing (sp). After some trial and error, I have reworked 2 handguns:
    1) Army surplus 1911A1. It showed little wear from military usage, but still sloppy. I removed slop I could, reworked the trigger & installed new sights. It is a blast to shoot, & very accurate.
    2) .357 Ruger Super Redhawk. I polished all the workings, lightened the trigger, installed rubber grips & installed a rear peep-sight. It feels like a custom gun.
    I plan to put my experience on others.
    Fun Stuff!

  13. Thanks for the invite,
    Former Marine Corps, Force Recon Co.
    VietNam 12 – 65 to 01 – 67 QuangTri & KheSahn
    VietNam 1 – 68, 4 – 68 & 6 – 68
    Semper Fi

  14. I just turned 65, I’ve been reloading and doing basic gunsmithing for most of those years. My first RCBS press was purchased in 1970, I took a buck that year with my first reloads…. I love changing barrels for AR’s, Savage’s, Remington’s, etc., just basic stuff but having fun and learning. Tuning and changing triggers. I’ve built several rifles, 6.5x47L was the last… I have reloaded for half dozen pistols and even more rifle cal.. Over the last 10-15 years I’ve gone through 2-3k rounds per year… I hope you can help me along…. thanks

  15. Thanks. I’M 69yrs. old and have enjoyed shooting and hunting all my life. Just recently started reloading and very interested in learning gunsmithing.

  16. Thanks for letting me join. I am a learning student of AGI doing a little at a time. Just 6 weeks ago put in for my FFL. Thanks again.

  17. Thanks for the membership,hello to everyone out there and looking forward to the conversations.


  18. I appreciate all the information that has been available and have already utilized some of the lessons. Thank you and keep up the good work, Terry

  19. I’m proud to be with AGI! Learning tons with the Master Set. Not too proud to ask for Help when needed. Ken’s working on one of my guns brought into my shop that gave me fits! How cool that we can all help each other.



  20. Started smithing when I became the unit armorer with Co.A 1/504 82nd ABN in 1977. 21yrs in ARMY green, wished I’d coulda stayed for 30. I ordered your videos on the HK G3 sure wished you would have covered the trigger group better. After all it’s supposed to be an armorers course, maybe next time ok. I was able to find the info on the internet, and it’s not that complicated. In a two hour time frame I was able to to do a nice trigger job, going from a hard 12# pull to a respectable 5.5#. Thanks guys the videos were a big help.

  21. Thanks,I’ve been into guns ( pistols & rifles ) most all of my life. I also have done reloading for myself and son for several years now,I’m 72. Keep your Guns loaded and Powder Dry!

  22. Thanks AGI. Looking forward to my subscription. Hoping to learn from this experience. Might even sign up for some courses, eventually. I’m from Missouri. You have to “Show Me”.

  23. Thanks Gene and everyone at AGI. This looks like it’s full of useful info to me. I have been a follower of AGI for several years now, buying videos when I can afford them. Since my accident I haven’t bought that many as money has been tight. But someday I look forward to getting the professional gunsmith course and starting a new career. My hat’s off to all at AGI for putting out a great product that’s easy to understand.

  24. thankyou so much for the invite looking forward to the iformation you guys put out there for our benifit.!!!! Dan

  25. Thanks for the invite. Fresh new forums from professionals like yourselves will be exciting and informative without worrying if you’re getting the wrong info…Excited to be a part of it.

  26. Thanks for been a part of you. Looking forward to all the news and info regaurding Gunsmithing and help to make a good and successful Gunsmither.

  27. Thanks AGI and all staff! Been going for about a year and loving it. Business license, FFL, customers and gathering tools as I can. Looking for a space to rent as I’ve already outgrown my garage. Looking forward to the newsletter.

  28. Thank you for the News Letter. I look forward to learning from everyone as I am starting off brand new to the trade. Now, if I can only get the VA to stop messing me over and pay for my Schooling with AGI I’d be happy.

  29. Just a hobbyist here but I do enjoy target shooting and teaching my boys the ins and outs of gun safety and maintenance. Thank you for this helpful tool.

  30. I teach machining at a community college and many, if not most of my students are keenly interested in this subject. I hope to get project ideas from this…

  31. Thanks. I am Really looking forward to this. I am not able to be on my feet much, or walk or stand much. That is the reason I have been without a job for over a year and a half. I’m hoping I can learn this well so I can contribute to the money (and bills) in this family. Thanks, again!

    • I feel you. I have been unable to work for over7 years for many of the same reasons. As soon as I can getsome money I am going to start the course. I live in Las Vegas and cant get my ffl at home so im going to have to rent a commercial property so its going to cost me more. Best of luck.

  32. As a certified Master Heavy Truck Tech. working on them for 35 years and now fifty six years old my body is starting to tell me I will not be doing this for a whole lot longer! Always being good with my hands I had a knack for figuring out things mechanical. With the already acquired skills of being able to weld and run a lathe and milling machine and AGI offering excellent gunsmithing videos When I button up my last truck I believe I will be starting a new career! I have been doing a little work on firearms on the side already (especially since Obummers election) and with a few more needed items and the videos I will be able to step in and go full tilt from the start!

  33. Fired from my job of 13 hard year was working on starting on a gunsmithing and reloading bunisses this will hel a lot . Also going on disable and will supplement my income thanks a lot guys

  34. after being out of work for almost 6 yrs now because of a back injury.I’ve finally weened myself off the pain meds I’ve been on since my injury. Gunsmithing looks to be a viable way to add a little income while enhancing my love of firearms and shooting sports.Thank you for having such an amazing presentation for your course, I thought i knew the Colt 1911 45ACP pretty well from working on them and carrying one for yrs in the service–BOY was i wrong! can’t wait to start the Pro course.Thank you again for an amazing program

  35. I really like your site. I have been working on guns most my life. I am hoping to start a gunsmith shop, i am just trying to figure out all the paperwork needed. If anyone has any sugestions, l would apriciate it. Thank you

  36. Very excited to follow the info, regarding laws, schools, repairs, etc. I am graduating Computer Aided Manufacturing in May and am interested in gunsmithing education, and possibly seeking that to be my next step. Here in Montana we have lots of existing companies and there is potential for growth 🙂

  37. Enjoyed seeing you on GCA tonight, sorry I missed out on the medalist. I hope Gene takes better care of it than he does his cell phones. Thanks Mike

  38. It has been to long. Time to start. Got a ? For Bob, on high speed projectiles. From your time GM. Classified, you may be able to point me in the rite direction. Will write letter. I do,really, like the way you teach. I have a serious problem with a Sig- fails to feed property-jams bullet deeper into case-I will not drop the hammer-just to start. Colt python elite, disyroyed by colt, pissed. Thanks G.R.Cortesi.

  39. I just signed up and it looks really informative. I have been “refurbishing” for 25 years and reloading for 34 years both as a hobby. About half of what I own has been self done. The other half has been accurized / improved upon.

  40. Thanks for the invite! I am a new Gunsmith(sorry I didn’t take your course)!Still waiting on my FFL,but I also do laser engraving on gun stocks,knives,you name it I can do it! I look forward to more valuable info!

  41. So glad to be on board, I’m no gunsmith, but sure would like to be! I’ve always been an avid sportsman / hunter & shooter, but became disabled a couple years back, and now I’m raising my three young daughters to respect & understand the responsibilities that come w/ handling and shooting firearms while still having fun in the woods! Now that I’ve been invited into the circle, i plan to be a human sponge when it comes to taking in all the tips and tid-bits! Thanks for having me

  42. Thank you for invitation email, I have received a lot of the free mini lesson videos offered by AGI, all very informative and helpful. I took an online course through ICS Canada, and have since opened a small part time shop, as the shop gets busier it has been getting harder to keep it part time. I have looked into the AGI online course
    And have been saving up in order to take at least part of the course. Well thanks again I can now add this to my growing data base of places to look for answers.

  43. Thanks for allowing me to subscribe to AGI. I’m retired and have been looking for something to do. Maybe by studying your mini-lessons I might be able to stay out of trouble with my beautiful, loving wife whom I improved her aim over the years and she can shoot the pants off of you! Anyway, I’m looking forward to learning a little gunsmithing.

    • Be careful William. The only thing more dangerous than a wife with good aim, is a father-in-law with a shotgun! Please enjoy Guns and Gunsmiths and if you do, pass the word to your friends.

  44. Thanking you in Advance. I am sure this will be a valuable addition to my knowledge of firearms and related equipment. We never really have enough. Regards and keep up the “GREAT WORK”, Don.

  45. I just wanted to say thank you so much for inviting me to subscribe to your newsletter.I truly enjoy working upon my weapons as I continue to learn more of working upon weapons overall!I just retired January past and this shall be my new passion as well my means of making extra money on the side…

    • Thanks Jake and welcome to our “community”. We hope that the articles here are educational as well as entertaining for you.

  46. Hello from a new part of France,and thank you for the invitation. I am not gunsmith, just a weapon entousiast (of all the eras) We do not have a website like yours here,suite has laws to prevent or passing lovers weapons for crazy. Here, people like me are here just like your three per cents…
    So I will follow your publications, the only reliable source of information for us passionate . Continue on this road , you allow the people of the world to feel free, and that, it has no price!.

    PS: Excuse me for the language , but I read very well , I speak very badly , and google is roughly as good as me in this area ..

    • Jean-Marc. Thank you for joining us. Perhaps you could contribute a small article about the gun culture in France. If it would be easier, I have a friend who is French and could translate for me. As she says, “Oui, c’est bien comme ça”.

  47. Have been doing the free email lessons .They’re great as soon as aguire enough money i want to purchase whole coursre thanks for the thatyouve been offering

  48. Went through S & W MP9 smith classes awhile by Keith Lanier and it was very informative. Looking forward to your weekly tips to add to the knowledge base. Thank You for the invite through AGI ! !

  49. thanks for the invitation to this forum
    I’ve seen the videos and they are very interesting, I hope to continue learning with your help

  50. OTI Gunsmithing, class of 68, “Poppa Sweet” was an inspiration, for real and a father figure to a lot of us down in the pit.

    Shern, from NJ

  51. Firearm sales, service, repair, and accessorizing is my livelyhood. After 35 years in this industry, things change, so you best keep up with those changes. I’m looking forward to learning some new tricks along the way here. Bring it on!

  52. Thanks to Dana in Canada and all the good things he has told me about this site, I am now a subscriber.

    I became semi-retired recently and preparing for a new career in the firearms industry, so I am looking forward to the tips and tricks from here. Perhaps I may be able to contribute too.

    Cheers All!!

    • Thanks for joining us Fred. Take some time to browse through the archives and visit the forums. Comment on any articles if you like. In other words, we look forward to your participation–this is a community effort!

  53. I have always been around guns and tinkered with Gun. I look forward to learning a lot that I do not know.

  54. Finally getting back around to trying to renew an old single barrel .410 my dad found years ago in the basement of a house he was demoing. Thought it was a rusty pipe. Years ago I shot pheasants with it but it is so loose that it comes apart in your hands when you break it open. No name or numbers that I can find. Just doing it to keep my hands busy.

    • Thanks for joining us Jim and good luck with that old .410. Perhaps if you do a full restoration you will share some photos with us.

  55. Just joined and as a long time (50yrs.) hunter, shooter, handloader, former Police officer, Squid in the US Navy, and rookie at working on guns, I enjoy articles and tips having to deal with firearms of all kinds. Thanks for starting up another site to gain knowledge and ideas for our sport.
    Rupe (sounds like Loop but with an R)

  56. I’m a cowboy action shooter and working on slicking up my guns to make them faster and easier to load and shoot.

    • There is no charge for your Guns and Gunsmiths subscription. Weekly emailed newsletters are sent out Wednesday thru Thursday and tell you about the latest posts, but you can visit the website at any time to see what is there and to look through the archives.

      Enjoy and welcome.

  57. have you ever considered establishing an attorney list for each state just in case one is needed by a reader? I am sure each of us is careful to always do what is proper however in todays complex world each of us could one day need competent fast help.

    • That is a great suggestion. Not sure at this point how to best do that–maybe I can find a link for attorneys by state that I can post. If I do I will put it on the Resources page. Thank you.

  58. Not a gunsmith, but I do custom work and maintenance/repair on my own weapons. Thank you for this. I can’t wait to read more. This is great!

    • Glad to have you on board James. I hope you find some useful information here. Who knows–one day we may convince you to become a gunsmith–they are a dying breed unfortunately!

    • You are welcome Jerry. Make sure you look through the archives when you have time to see all the articles we have posted in the last 2 years.

  59. Not a gunsmith, but I do custom work and maintenance/repair on my own weapons. Thank you for this. I can’t wait to read more.

  60. The link was in my NRA newsletter to G & GS. So I subscribed and sent the link to my gunsmith Dan Mumaw of Shenandoah Valley Gunsmithing in Linden, VA. I positive Dan will subscribe to the newsletter. So many newsletters that one must be picky whom they subscribe too. G & GS is a necessity one to keep on top of the industry an new innovation. I’m sure Dan will be a great contributor to this newsletter.

    • Welcome Randy and thanks for forwarding the link to your gunsmith. I hope you both get some great info from the blog.

  61. Thank you, I want to introduce to my Sons and our Hunting and Sportsman Target Club in Ensenada, Baja California.

  62. Hello, just joined as a long time (50 years) shooter and NRA member and instructor. I acquired a Webley pistol in need of a champion. Look forward to the project and I’m sure I will have a LOT of questions.

  63. Enjoy reading the information and tips. Have learned a few things and cleared up a few others. Keep them coming. Thanks.

  64. This is GREAT! Thank you for providing gun owners access to information that helps make us better firearms owners and hopefully safer! It is great to learn more about the weapons we own and use. I have been a firearm owner since the age of 10…62years and have tried to learn as much as possible and am actually seriously thinking about taking the AGI gunsmith courses to become a licensed gunsmith.

    • Thanks Bill. I hope you get some goof info and help here. If you are really interested in taking an AGI course, CLICK HERE and you can get free info including a sample lesson.

  65. Thanks for the invite! I’ve been involved in shooting and hunting all my life. Past NRA Instructor(soon to be again) Hunter Education Instructor, and shooting sports enthusiast. AGI has given me another venue to start another business. Passed my introductory test today and already started the Pistol course, and found some minor problems with my 1911 that doesn’t even give me problems! Thanks a lot for the opportunity! AGI has great people working for them!

    Paul H.
    Fremont CA.

  66. I was able to watch the free get started videos yesterday 1/28/16.
    I’m looking forward to take the mastercourse. This is something I’m the my son and can do. We always go to gun shows and buy gun that are missing or have broken parts. My son loves to make parts and make a paper weight into a functional gun. We want to make are own guns to see who’s is better.lol

    • Thanks Peter. The “Fast Start” video seminar you watched is full of great information. Good luck to you and your son with your gunsmithing training and projects.

  67. I have been with AGI now 4 years i have most of the catalog of videos im only missing big 108DFR the critical 7 trades and advanced trigger jobs. I got the videos but not the certs for Ar-15, 1911, glocksmith but i cant justify $891 for paper, ink, patch ? My next purchase will be that afvanced trigger jobs in the summer.

  68. A minut ago i`ve subskribe to AGI. Shooting at targets , both paper and meat, for nearly 45 years now. My theme is ONE SHOT ONE KILL.
    Would like to see drastic changes in civilian auto rifles on AGI.

  69. Thanks for resubscibing me. I have been interested in gunsmithing for 40 years. I have been trying to figure out finances for 10 years to get the master enhanced course but difficult on a fixed income. Lord willing someday.

  70. I have been thinking about learning about working on the guns I have by cleaning and repairing when and if needed. If I can get to a point where I feel great about repairing and cleaning guns I would be willing to work on items other than my own. I’m in the security business now going to retire at age 70 years. Keeping Gunsmithing in mind for something to do other than working honey do lists.

  71. Hi My name is Tony Carrier, I have taken the Pro 1 courses along more with (AGI) American Gunsmithing Institution. They have by fair one of the best Courses to learn Gunsmithing. If you are thinking of doing Gunsmithing in retirement Check out (AGI) American Gunsmithing Institution. Your can contact them (AGI)by calling 800/797-0867. If you would like just someone to talk to that doesn’t work for them. You can contact me. Tony Carrier, Portland, Oregon; Cell number is 503/260-3906. I am a retired myself and work part-time now as a Gunsmith. If you have any questions Give me a call. Or you can Email me at netcarrier@yahoo.com Tony Carrier

  72. Never be to old to learn.
    AGI courses are the best
    This is a great source of information.

    Four years of tech school and forty four years of practical
    machine shop experience can’t hurt.
    Lot’s of part swapper’s, not many Gunsmiths.

  73. Thanks Gene! Love what I’m learning and putting to practical use. Satisfied customers are the reward! (along with the cash) It seems I’m getting a lot of antique firearms, not that I’m complaining but there are no courses for 1854 Volcanic’s, etc. Design function and repair is the life blood!

    • Paul

      I’m glad that the AGI courses are helping you learn the art of gunsmithing. I understand your desire for courses on the early firearms, but I’m sure you also understand that there is considerable cost to producing these courses and that priority must be given to the more popular firearms. That being said, I think you will agree that the AGI method of teaching, which is to understand how the various systems work and how parts inter-relate is the basis to understanding how any firearm works and how to repair or modify them.

      You can always send any recommendations on firearms that you think should be covered to the AGI Technical Services Manager Jack Landis at this email address.

    • My statistics show that they have all been sent, but are unopened. Sounds like they are being blocked by your email provider. You will need to ask them. Perhaps they tagged them as spam inadvertently.

  74. Wanting to get started in gun smithing. I am retired and have been interested in the cleaning, and repair of guns since my early teens.
    This would be the beat introduction to gun smithing that I can afford at this time.

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