Ask The Gunsmith with Bob Dunlap

Dunlapby Master Gunsmith and AGI Instructor Bob Dunlap

In this video, Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap answers three questions from Gun Club of America members. Listen carefully to his answer to the first question in particular and learn the real difference between a gunsmith and a “parts-swapper.” This is the type of advice that can only enhance your reputation as a competent gunsmith! Continue reading

Yet Another Headspace Lesson!

by Bob Dunlap and Ken BrooksDunlapkenBrooks
AGI Instructors and Master Gunsmiths
at PISCO Gunsmithing in Oregon

Some time ago here on Guns and Gunsmiths I posted a video about loose breech in pistols. However, given all the interest in the recent video lesson about headspace, I think you all will like this expanded video where Ken and Bob discuss loose breech and its effect on headspace in pistols. Enjoy. Continue reading

Do Loose Lips = A Big Bang? Even Without A Kiss, They Can!

By Clint Hawkins
Owner Hawkins Arms LLC,
AGI Pro Course Graduate, GCA Member

Calm down, people! I’m talking about magazine lips! Our much appreciated and ever popular gun guru, Bob Dunlap, has spent many hours trying to instill in our minds the importance of magazine design and how it relates to proper feeding of a round into the chamber. More has been said about the proper handling of firearms. It seems as though there has been enough said and demonstrated about safe removal of jams, but some people are not getting the word or the picture.

Continue reading

In The Classroom: Headspace Part 4

by Bob Dunlap and Ken BrooksDunlapkenBrooks
AGI Instructors and Master Gunsmiths at PISCO Gunsmithing in Oregon

You asked for it, so here it is!

In Part 4 of this comprehensive look at headspace, Bob and Ken now test the effects of excessive headspace in their Mauser using commercial ammo. Previously their test using thicker military ammo failed to get the result they were looking for. Continue reading

Gunsmith Business Tips I Would Like to Pass On

CapitalCityby Luke Patchett
Capital City Gunsmiths

The following was submitted by GCA Silver Member Luke Patchett at Capital City Gunsmiths ( in the Ask The Pros forum on the Gun Club of America website. I think his advice is so spot on I asked his permission to reprint it here. Thanks Luke!

I am loving this business. I do like the gunsmithing trade, but I also love the business side of it as well. The gunsmith skill is really only half of the trade, without business skills, you will have trouble growing.

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