Gunsmith Marketing — Pick a card, any card

gunstoreYou’ve spent a lot of time training to be a gunsmith, and now you need to build your business so you can recoup that investment, generate some real income doing what you love, keep the lights on, and have some money left over for continuing your education, buying more tools and enjoying the rewards that come from operating a successful business.
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Tips for the Woodsman–Swivel Placement

Hollandby Darrell Holland
AGI Instructor and Master Riflesmith

In this excerpt from Guntech, the monthly video magazine for Gun Club of America members, Darrell Holland discusses the best placement and solutions for the placement of a rifles rear swivel mount so that it doesn’t interfere with a range bag or sandbag when trying to get that perfect shot.

Good advice for your own rifles, or those of your customers asking to have swivels added to their own guns.

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In The Gunsmith’s Classroom–Remington 700 Blow Up!

DunlapkenBrookswith Ken Brooks and Bob Dunlap
AGI Instructors and Master Gunsmiths

In this valuable video lesson from the Gun Club of America’s Guntech video magazine (find out how to get yours HERE) Master Gunsmiths Ken Brooks and Bob Dunlap inspect a Remington 700 that suffered a major malfunction due to an ill-advised modification.

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Tip From The Workbench–Extractors

kenBrookswith Ken Brooks
AGI Instructor and Master Gunsmith

When the Gun Club of America staff were range testing the Chiappa M 27, they encountered some feeding problems. So they sent the firearm to AGI Instructor Ken Brooks to analyze the gun and try to determine what went wrong and how to remedy it. What Ken found easily developed into a very teachable moment about extractors and extractor fit. Continue reading

Tips from the Workbench–Screw Kits

kenBrookswith Ken Brooks
AGI Instructor and Master Gunsmith

In this excerpt from GCA‘s Guntech Video Magazine, Master Gunsmith Ken Brooks looks at some of the kits of screws, roll pins and other small necessary items. While these may not be necessary for the gun “tinkerer” who works on just a couple of guns, the professional gunsmith shops find these a necessity.

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Ask the Gunsmith–Grip Safeties and Compensators

Shueywith Gene Shuey
AGI Instructor and Master Pistolsmith

In this extract from the GCA’s Guntech Video Magazine #104, AGI Instructor Gene Shuey answers GCA members questions about grip safeties and compensators.

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