Dwell Time And Your Trigger

HollandBy Darrell Holland
AGI Senior Instructor/Master Gunsmith

If you own a Remington or Winchester rifle fitted with a Jewell trigger, you need to understand how to adjust the trigger setting correctly for greatest accuracy. Master Gunsmith and long-range shooting expert Darrell Holland explains how to adjust your trigger so your gun’s “dwell time” doesn’t hinder your ability to bag that prize buck. Continue reading

Tips for Combining Current Technologies and Gunsmithing

DunnBy Robert Dunn 
AGI and GunTech Video Producer, 
AGI Pro Course Graduate, GCA Charter Member

The use of current technologies (such as computers and cameras) in Gunsmithing would seem to go hand in hand, however, because of fear, different methods of working and learning, generation gaps and individual special interests, these technologies are sometimes over-looked and feared instead of being embraced. Many times, it is merely laziness that is the limiting factor in learning and fear is but an excuse. If making a job faster, safer, and easier is not “your cup of tea”, you could just lop off a couple of fingers from your hand and this should balance out any ideas or concepts that could help you out in the future. Continue reading

In The Classroom with Bob. Get A Grip!

Dunlapby Bob Dunlap
AGI Instructor and Master Gunsmith at PISCO Gunsmithing in Oregon

In this video, Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap demonstrates how to install or tighten grips on a revolver. This same technique would also apply to some pistols. Loose grips can affect accuracy, and in some cases could even be dangerous, so watch this then check your own for tightness and comfort. Continue reading

Ask the Gunsmith with Bob Dunlap

DunlapAGI Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap owns PISCO Gunsmithing
in Oregon along with Ken Brooks. AGI customers and
GCA members need no introduction to Bob.

In this great video lesson from Bob Dunlap, he explains in detail how to get a handgun with no adjustable sights to shoot on target. Don’t fall off your chair when he utters the famous words “bend the barrel.” Continue reading

Cowboy Action with Joe Alesia

JoeAlesiaby Joe Alesia
alias “Lefty Longridge”

In this video, World Champion Cowboy Action competitor and AGI instructor Lefty Longridge shows us the correct grip for single action revolvers for fast and accurate shooting. He also talks about trigger control, stance and everything else you need to know if you compete in this sport, or even if you just like to shoot single action guns.

Continue reading

Tips and Tricks from GCA Members

Jack Landisby Jack Landis
AGI Technical Director

Gun Club of America members are very generous with sharing the tips and tricks they have picked up from years of experience as gunsmiths, either professionally or as hobbyists. Here are a few that might help you with a future project.

Please consider joining GCA as either a Brass or Silver member. CLICK HERE to visit their informational page detailing what you will get as a GCA member. Continue reading