The BAR Rifle

DunnBy Robert Dunn
AGI and GunTech Video Producer,
AGI Pro Course Graduate, GCA Charter Member

Long ago I bought all of the firearms I “needed” and, ever since, I have been buying the guns I want. My latest purchase of a Browning BAR rifle chambered in .30-06 goes back into the “need” category. The last few times I have gone on my morning walk up the mountain, I have been sent back home by big black bears. I always go walking with a rifle, which is usually light in weight and chambered in 5.56 x 45mm. Continue reading

AR Trigger Jobs Made A Little Easier

by GCA Member Thomas Brooks

Since the year 2008 we have had quite a surge in the sale of firearms. Whether it was a popular trend or influenced by outside forces, some of the most sought after firearms for almost ten years have been the AR platform rifles. At times we had shortages of both available guns and the ammo for them. But that has begun to change. While sales are still high, prices have come down, and availability has gone up. Now that freedom loving patriots have these marvels of engineering in their hands they want to personalize them. This can be anything from pink quad-rail foregrips to thousand dollar scopes. As firearm investments turn from initial panic purchases to increasing a firearm’s worth to its owner there is money to be made for gunsmiths. Continue reading

My exploding “.223” Pistol Build

By Bill Paradis
Gun Club of America SilverPLUS Member

With high expectations, and the anticipation of adding a new pistol to my brother’s collection, he and I set out to build an AR15 pistol from an 80% lower from Genesis CNC, and a complete pistol upper from SOTA. He was on vacation and stopped by here to build his new pistol. He knew I had the tools, the range, and, thanks to AGI, the knowledge to build out a stripped lower. He had all the parts shipped to me and brought his milled 80% lower with him. Continue reading

Ask The Gunsmith with Bob Dunlap

Dunlapby Master Gunsmith and AGI Instructor Bob Dunlap

In this video, Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap answers two questions from readers. In his own style, Bob talks about removing a Cutts compensator on a Browning A-5, and then goes on to explain how to make a starter punch for those really stubborn pins. Is there anything about gunsmithing Bob doesn’t know about? I doubt it! Continue reading

In The Workshop–Magazine Extenders

Jack Landiswith Jack Landis
AGI Technical Services Manager

In this extract form The Gun Club of America’s GunTech magazine, AGI’s Jack Landis takes a look at some magazine extenders for his wife’s pistol. If you can’t find extra mags, at least you can put more rounds into the ones you have.

I’m no lawyer, but these may not be legal in states with magazine capacity laws, so check first before buying or installing. Continue reading

.30-30 Winchester Cartridge

DunnBy Robert Dunn
AGI and GunTech Video Producer,
AGI Pro Course Graduate, GCA Charter Member

They say that timing is everything and, in the case of the .30-30 Winchester cartridge, the timing could not have been better to ensure its popularity and longevity. This Winchester cartridge has been an iconic round in the hearts of deer hunters and lever action enthusiasts since its debut in 1895. The .30-30 has remained a very popular cartridge in the United States for well over a century and is still going strong. Continue reading