ERMA-WERKE Mod. EG 712 Kal .22 S.L.LR. (Part 1)

Delesoyby Dana Delesoy
Guns and Gunsmiths Contributor

A German made Erma-Werke Model EG 712 .22 rimfire lever action rifle made its way to my shop in the hands of a happy return customer. I had never seen or heard of an Erma-Werke but this gun looked familiar. After some research, I realized it is the same design (predecessor) as the Henry .22 caliber Lever Action Rifle.

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Repair Your Laminated Stock with Jack Landis

Jack Landisby Jack Landis
AGI Technical Director

In this complete gunsmithing project, AGI Technical Services Manager Jack Landis shows how to repair damage to a multi-colored laminated stock using simple tools and supplies that anyone can easily follow along. This is a real money-saver for those of you facing a similar problem, and maybe even a money-maker for the professional gunsmith. Continue reading

Gunsmith Marketing — Pick a card, any card

gunstoreYou’ve spent a lot of time training to be a gunsmith, and now you need to build your business so you can recoup that investment, generate some real income doing what you love, keep the lights on, and have some money left over for continuing your education, buying more tools and enjoying the rewards that come from operating a successful business.
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Ring of Fire Revisited – The Jennings J-22

SiersBy John Siers a.k.a. “Gunsmith Jack”

Some time ago, I wrote an article about gunsmithing the Raven MP-25, the granddaddy of all of the cheap little “Ring of Fire” pistols from the 1970s and 80s. At one time, these guns were the best-selling guns in the USA. They went out of production decades ago but there are thousands of them still out there. Most gunsmiths never get to see one because they cost so little it just isn’t economical to have a gunsmith repair one of them. Continue reading

Gunsmith Project… Fitting a Cominolli Safety on a Glock

Shueywith Gene Shuey
AGI Instructor and Master Pistolsmith

In this video extract from the Gun Club of America‘s Guntech Magazine, AGI Instructor Gene Shuey shows how to fit a Cominolli Manual Safety Kit to your Glock.

The GCA Guntech magazine is just one of the many benefits that membership brings. If you really want to become a gun expert consider joining. More info and a trial membership can be seen HERE.

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Steel Plate Hangers for your Range

with Jack Landis
AGI Technical Services Manager

We all like to shoot, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. But where you shoot is different for most of us. If you are a gunsmith, you may be lucky enough to live close to a range where you can test fire guns, or even better, have a small range on your own property. If you are a hunter you will sometimes want to check your sights before you hit the hills. If you carry a firearm for self defense you should train to be able to draw and shoot quickly and accurately, or maybe you just like to target shoot for the sheer fun of it. Continue reading

The Business of Gunsmithing–Part 2

By Paul Smeltzer
Owner/Operator Athens Gunsmithing

Start Up

Welcome back to The Business of a Gunsmithing. We have discussed what for some may have been basic information. Perhaps, but neglect of the basics are the very reasons why new businesses fail at such a high rate. What I hope to do with this series is be honest and clear about what it takes to have the best chance of not being a negative new business statistic. With that said let us explore the start up process. Let me begin by providing you with a checklist of sorts. Continue reading