Bench Evaluation–Henry Repeating Rifle

with Master Gunsmith and
AGI Instructor Ken Brooks

AGI Instructor and Master Gunsmith Ken Brooks take a look at one of Henry’s lever action guns. Unlike most other firearms reviews, these bench evaluations are made from the gunsmith’s point of view, giving you valuable insights into the construction and materials used in these guns, not normally seen elsewhere.

Several years ago I was looking for such a rifle and settled on a Henry because of their motto “Made in the USA, or not made at all.” This style of rifle is an iconic firearm of the old west so I wanted a USA made rifle–not one made in Japan or elsewhere! What about you? Continue reading

Fixing a 1 of 3000 Colt Lightweight Commander

by Joseph LaJoy
GCA Member

I spent the day getting everything wrapped up at the shop so I wouldn’t have too much hanging over my head when I got back for the 2016 NRA Show. My wife and I had been looking forward to the show for a few weeks now. We had missed the 2016 SHOT Show and we’re going to use this time to meet up with some friends and talk to some of our vendors. Continue reading

Ruger LCR

By Robert Dunn
AGI Pro Course Graduate, GCA Charter Member

I love the Ruger LCR! I just wanted to get that statement out of the way so there is no guessing where I stand regarding this lightweight revolver. I usually write about the firearms that I personally own but the LCR is actually my wife’s gun. I will own one myself before too much time goes by because it is a practical weapon and it’s fun to shoot. I think that a revolver is the best choice for my wife for home defense. I say this because if she is awakened at 3:00AM and has to defend herself against an intruder, all she would have to do is point at the bad guy and pull the trigger to get the desired results. Continue reading