Let’s Do It Again–Photo Contest

If you take a look at the header image on Guns and Gunsmiths right now, you will see one of the photos submitted by a reader in 2014 that was then chosen to be featured on this website for a week.

It’s time to do it again! If you have a firearm you are particularly proud of, and a great photo to match, send it to us by email and it may be chosen by our esteemed panel of judges to be our featured header photo for a week. That’s braggin’ rights you won’t get anywhere else!

Keep in mind that the image is much longer than it is tall, so adjust your camera angle to suit. And please, not blurry low-resolution snapshots–get in close and tight.

Email you photo along with a brief description and your name and location to me by clicking here.

Good luck and thanks.

The Henry Survival Rifle–A Recommended Gunsmithinging Project PART 1

Delesoyby Dana Delesoy
Guns and Gunsmiths Contributor

In my early years as a firearms owner, the first two guns I owned were a shotgun and a rifle. The next gun on my wish list was a light-weight, backpackable, survival type rifle chambered in .22 Long Rifle. Being an avid shopper at Cabela’s (via the internet), I looked at their offerings and noticed a Henry US Survival Rifle that fit all of my requirements, so I purchased it. This gun has been manufactured for years as the AR 7 by several manufacturers. Overall it has proved quite reliable straight from the box. Personally, I think it’s a neat little piece and really like it for what it is.

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Free Gunsmithing Lesson

Jack Landisby Jack Landis
AGI Technical Services Manager


The Smith & Wesson Model 1000 Semi Auto shotgun of the early 1980’s was a pretty good and very reliable shotgun, at least in my experience. The gun was built in Japan by Miroku and, like most of their guns, was of high quality and sound design. There was also a pump gun, the Model 3000, and an evolutionary version of the 1000 called the Super 12.

S&W Super 12

S&W Super 12

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Special Veterans Day Offer from The American Gunsmithing Institute

As our way of honoring those who served and are currently serving, we are extending a special student enrollment discount on our Professional Gunsmithing Courses, as well as an extra bonus exclusively for veterans and active duty military personnel.

To learn more and see if you qualify for this special discount on all four levels of our Professional Gunsmithing Course, give our student advisor Cheri Manny a call at 1-800-797-0867 or send an email to clmagi@americangunsmith.com with the subject “Veterans Day”  to set up an appointment.  This offer is only good from Thursday November 9 – Wednesday November 15, 2017 so make sure to call in so you don’t miss out!

Thank You for Your Service

From all of us at AGI Happy Veterans Day

Ruger Precision Rifle–Bench Evaluation

with Darrell Holland
AGI Instructor and Long Range Shooting Specialist

The Ruger Precision Rifle has been available for some time now, but this video evaluation of the platform from last year is still very informative if you are considering getting one of these rifles. AGI’s Darrell Holland is a true expert on the subject of precision long range shooting, so you can trust his evaluation of this firearm to be right on the money. Continue reading

Make It Shoot!

ZeglinBy Fred Zeglin,
4D Reamer Rentals

A while back a gentleman brought me a factory gun that was shooting poorly; groups were averaging 2.5″ for five shots.  It made no difference what ammo was used.  The  client had tried factory ammo and reloads in different bullet weights.  He tried changing loads and seating depth, even neck sizing was attempted just to see if cases fire-formed to the chamber were more accurate.  Continue reading