Springfield 67F Rides Again

Dan Rogersby Dan Rogers
Guns and Gunsmiths Contributor

We all have one, that derelict old firearm sitting partially assembled in the back of the safe or closet. This is the story of mine. No, it is not a full on restoration project. I also realize it is not as impressive as David Fey’s Ithaca project, but it may spur some of us on to tackle our forgotten friends lying in the deep recesses of our gun safes. Continue reading

The Liberator Pistol

By Robert Dunn
AGI/GCA Video Producer,
AGI Pro Course Graduate, GCA Charter Member

Image07-p03I love firearms that have a rich history or a good story behind them. The Liberator pistol sure meets those qualifications! These one-shot pistols were produced during WWII and were dropped in mass quantities into occupied/enemy territory. The idea was that resistance fighters and civilians (who were disarmed) could use them to put one well placed shot into the dome of an enemy soldier. The soldier’s weapons could then be “liberated.” Continue reading

Top 10 Excuses Allowing You To Hunt Longer

HollandBy Loop-Hole Louie
AKA Darrell Holland, AGI Senior Instructor,
Master Riflesmith, Long Range Hunter, Shooter,
and Varmint Destroyer Extraordinaire

For many hunters the time allotted for hunting is just too short. With busy work schedules and domestic duties at the home front, we find ourselves severely short-changed in pursuit of our favorite hobby, Hunting!

Continue reading