Bug Out Bag Basics–It’s the Little Things That Count!

Howes2with Gary Howes
Guns and Gunsmiths Editor

My mother always told me as a child that it’s the little things that count. I think she told me that so I wouldn’t be disappointed when I didn’t get that new surfboard or bicycle that I wanted for Christmas and had to settle for something small and utilitarian like a new pen and pencil set to start off the school year with. (Did I mention that I grew up in Australia where school starts in January? That always meant some sucky Christmas gifts.)

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The Handicapped Man’s “Annie Oakley” Marlin

By Clint Hawkins
Owner Hawkins Arms LLC,
AGI Pro Course Graduate, GCA Member

AO1The Marlin Model 1897 became famous by being the rifle used by Annie Oakley. Before she met Buffalo Bill Cody, Annie was the bread winner for her mother’s family by being a prime supplier of quail for restaurants. They especially liked her birds because they didn’t have lead pellets in them. She shot the quail through the head with her .22 Rifle. Continue reading

Product Review—AR-15 Rail Alignment Tool

by Jack Landis
AGI Technical Services Manager

Installing a free-floating front rail on an AR is a common upgrade, especially for this who want to hang extra optics, flashlights, or other doo-dads on their guns. But you need to make sure that the rails are perfectly aligned, especially if you are mounting optics.

In this product review Jack Landis looks at one tool from Brownells that can help make this job much easier. Handy to have for your own guns, and certainly a good tool to have for the professional gunsmith. Continue reading

Re-barreling the Yugo 48 Mauser Using a ShopSmith Multi-Purpose Power Tool

By Dennis Sandoz, GCA Silver Member

Two Yugo Model 48 Mauser rifles with original barrels had found their way into my gun safe. Unfortunately, they both had bad barrels, evidenced by visual inspection and a 50 yard group (pattern?) size in excess of 12 inches with iron sights. The only lathe in my home shop is a ShopSmith Model 10ER manufactured in 1952 so I decided to modify it to be able to cut metal and enable the fitting of two new fully chambered barrels to the existing actions. Continue reading

Safety First

DunnBy Robert Dunn 
AGI and GunTech Video Producer, 
AGI Pro Course Graduate, GCA Charter Member

When people tell me “guns scare me”, I say “That’s a good start.” Then I tell them what they should really be scared of: criminals, politicians, lawyers, etc., but that is an entirely different topic. What I would like you to think about is safety. Continue reading