My First Rifle

Dan Rogersby Dan Rogers
Guns and Gunsmiths Contributor

I saw a comment in the comments section the other day that kind of prompted me to tell the story of my first rifle. A reader had alluded to learning about rifles and the differences and what calibers were most useful for what purposes. All of these are excellent questions for the novice to seek good information on. It made me think of when I was a novice rifleman and beginning my journey of honing my high powered rifle skills. Continue reading

When Gadgets Fail

HollandBy Darrell Holland
Master Riflesmith & AGI Senior Instructor

Range Finding Reticles

It’s great living in a technological society. The shooting world has been blessed with its share of techno-gadgets in recent years. Wind meters, laser range finders and sophisticated ballistic programs have taken the guess work out of most of our honed and practiced skills. Continue reading

In Gun News This Week.

Here are a few more interesting gun stories found on the internet this week.

Trump Executive Order May Strike Down Maryland’s Ruling to Ban Semiautomatic Rifles

‘Warning Shot’ Rules and ‘Shoot-to-Wound’ Proposals Raise Motivation Question

To Red Dot or Not: What Sights Should I Use on My Pistol?

Pepper-Spray should be part of your Every Day Carry…

HOLD YOUR HORSES!!! Bass Pro Shops Can’t Buy Cabela’s Just Yet…

Tips From The Workbench–Shop Safety

with Ken Brooks
AGI Instructor and Owner of Pisco Gunsmithing

This subject has been covered before, but is important enough for AGI Instructor Ken Brooks to take another look at a major safety concern for gunsmiths. What can you do to reduce the danger of customers bringing loaded weapons into your shop?

Sometime it may be necessary for a gun to come in loaded, say if it was completely jammed up and the owner was unable to remove the cartridge. But that is not the usual case. If you handle other people’s guns at all, please watch this video, use common sense, treat every unknown gun that comes into your shop as if were loaded, and stay safe.

Continue reading

Nitre Blue Colt 1902

by Clint Hawkins
Hawkins LLC, Pro Course Graduate & GCA Charter Member

The Tragedies and Triumphs of a Gunsmith

“Best foot forward,” they always say, but you have to know the story! This is not a story about how great I am in doing Nitre Blue for you will quickly see that’s not true, or even how great the results can be if you use it on your projects. It is really about the things you need to watch out for to successfully complete the project. Gene Shuey shows all the right things to do and how to do them in his Rust and Nitre Bluing course. AGI courses do warn about what can happen “if” … but their time is too valuable to show anything except what is the right result. Continue reading

Enjoying the guns I already own!

by Gene Kelly
AGI/GCA President

Seems like whenever I go places where there are new or different firearms, such as the SHOT Show, visiting manufacturers or doing testing for GunTech, I come away lusting after some new gun or guns!.  I mean get real, I don’t think a mule could even begin to carry all the guns I own now, so why on earth do I need another one?!

Well, “need” as I am sure you know isn’t really the issue, but WANT certainly is and I am O.K. with that!  Hey I need that beautiful Chiappa color case hardened receiver, single shot, Baby Sharps in .30/30 caliber because, well, it would be cool for, um, hunting deer? Continue reading