In The Classroom–1911 Magazines

Shueywith Gene Shuey
AGI Instructor and Master Pistolsmith

If you have ever had issues with feeding on your 1911 pistol, there is a good chance the problem is not with the gun, but with the magazine and the type of ammo used.

In this excellent lesson from AGI’s Gene Shuey, you will learn about the different designs and geometry of 1911 magazines. With this knowledge you will be able to fill your range bag with the right type so you can enjoy shooting your .45 without problems. And of course, if you use a 1911 for self-defense, a reliable handgun is critical! Continue reading

Gun Show Find?

SmeltzerBy Paul Smeltzer
Proprietor Athens Gunsmith Service, GCA Member,
AGI Professional Gunsmithing Graduate

Gun shows are a great place to generate business and get your name out there. I generally bring several of my military restorations and a few Garands to sell. That always brings a lot of attention to the table and never fails to generate new clientele. Continue reading

Peters Stahl 1911 Field Evaluation

With AGI’s Jack Landis, Gene Shuey and Gene KellyJack Landis

Last week we showed the bench evaluation of this unique 1911 pistol. Able to be changed to a number of different calibers simply by swapping out the barrel and magazine, this is a hard-to-find, but enviable firearm.

This week the AGI team take it to the range and put it through its paces. How will it do? Will Gene ever get it back? Watch and learn. Continue reading

Umm… Hey Buddy

by Gerry McKownMcKown

(You may recall a couple of weeks ago I asked if anyone wanted to contribute articles for Guns and Gunsmiths. I received this great story very quickly, as well as a couple of others. Thanks guys! If anyone else want to do the same please send me an email–Gary Howes, editor).

Umm… hey buddy, can I give you a hand?

You see some amazing things at the gun range. I am lucky enough to be a member of a nice little 100 yard gun club not 15 minutes from my home in Southeastern PA. I like to rebuild military surplus rifles, accurize bolt action rifles, but my favorite thing to do is take inexpensive firearms and make them shoot great. Continue reading

Peters Stahl 1911 Pistol Bench Evaluation

Shueywith Gene Shuey
AGI Instructor and Master Pistolsmith

AGI’s Gene Shuey looks at a very unique pistol–the Peters Stahl 1911. With several design departures from a more traditional 1911 as well as the capability to easily change caliber, this is one different 1911 from what we are used to. These are not easy to find guns, and probably priced accordingly, but one of these is certainly on my wish list!

Next week we will show the field evaluation of this pistol with AGI’s jack Landis, so watch for that. Continue reading

Pelican Rifle Case Review

Jack Landiswith Jack Landis
AGI Technical Services Manager

AGI’s Jack Landis loves tools, gadgets and other firearms paraphernalia more than anyone I know. In this video he takes a look at the Pelican Rifle Case and compares it to the heavy metal case I have seen him drag back and forth to various shows like SHOT and the Annual NRA meetings. How will it stand up? Make sure to watch this before you spend your hard earned cash on a new heavy duty gun case. Continue reading

Product Review and Project–.22 conversion for your Mini-14

Jack Landiswith Jack Landis
AGI Technical Services Manager

Conversion kits to convert your firearm from a larger caliber to shoot inexpensive .22 LR ammo are very popular. Some work great, others need some help. In this product review and project AGI Technical Services Manager Jack Landis looks at a .22 conversion for the Mini-14 rifle and how to install it. That makes this popular rifle much less expensive to shoot–great for plinking or small game.

Jack also shows how he fixed a couple of problems with feeding. Without this knowledge a user could get very frustrated with this product. All the more reason to keep watching Guns and Gunsmiths and becoming a smarter gun owner. Continue reading