Building A Custom Mauser Rifle–Part 1

Ken Brooks

by Ken Brooks, AGI Gunsmithing Instructor and
owner of  PISCO Gunsmithing in Oregon.

There are many reasons for “sporterizing” a military Mauser, but the belief that the result will be less costly than a new rifle at Walmart is not one of them.

A custom Mauser rifle can bring great pride of ownership. Owners appreciate, and have a passion for, the history of Mauser rifles. They also enjoy having one built to their specifications, whether for practical purposes, such as hunting, or simply to enjoy owning a beautiful rifle. I will explain the steps needed in such a project. Continue reading

Gunsmithing Project–Series 80 Smoothing

Shueywith Gene Shuey
AGI Instructor and Master Pistolsmith

The Series 80 safety system in later model 1911 pistols (introduced by Colt in 1983 if am not mistaken) can benefit from some smoothing to reduce the friction between the lever parts. But doing that requires knowledge of how the parts interact, and understanding just how much metal can be removed during that operation. Continue reading

Restorations: Interview and Inspection

Smeltzerby Paul Smeltzer
 Athens Gunsmith Service, Athens LA.

The place to begin a restoration of any kind is to figure out where you are going and where you are starting from.  You need those two pieces of information before you can begin the trip.  You figure out where the trip ends by talking to the owner, an interview if you will.  The interview is an informal question and answer period to determine what the customers’ expectations are.  Most of the time the scene starts with a customer bringing in the Savage single shot that has been sitting in the corner of a garage for several years.  Usually the owner knows one or two things for sure, number one is that presently the gun does not look so great, and that he/she would like it look better.  In addition there maybe obvious parts missing, like the front sight is gone, or that there is something broke because the trigger just kind of dangles. Continue reading

Swab-Its® Bore-Sticks™ Review. And A Special Discount Just For You!

Howes2by Gary Howes
Guns and Gunsmiths editor

I don’t think I know anybody who actually enjoys having to clean their firearms after a day of shooting!. The chemicals, the countless dirty patches, having to find the right size brushes and jags–it’s nothing but a hassle.

That’s why I have been using the products from Swab-Its for the last few years. You still need the solvents and oils, but their variety of special foam cleaning tips means no more searching for all the “stuff” you need, including trying to figure out and then cut the right size from a bag of bulk patch material. Continue reading

The .30-06 Springfield Cartridge

DunnBy Robert Dunn
AGI and GunTech Video Producer,
AGI Pro Course Graduate, GCA Charter Member

30-06cThe Springfield .30-06 is my favorite rifle cartridge. Yes, there are plenty of cartridges that are bigger and faster. Many of those bigger and badder cartridges will tear up your shoulder pretty quick too. When I was a kid, compliments didn’t come around too often. One of my fondest memories was when my Dad told me what a good job I did reloading a big pile of aught sixes! The .30-06 was the caliber of my Dad’s deer rifle (Springfield 1903A3) and that is what we primarily loaded for. To this day I get a satisfying thrill out of churning out a custom batch of cartridges. Continue reading