Guns of the Zombie Apocalypse

gunnyby Gunny8541

We ran this series of articles by our friend “the gunny” a few years ago. They are a good look at a the top ten favorite self-defense guns that gunny keeps close to the front door, with a humorous twist. Please enjoy (and if you saw these before, don’t tell everyone what the number one gun is!)–your editor.

Well since it seems, depending on who you talk to, that the clock is ticking. It appears to be only a matter of time before life as we know it ends.  In it’s place – a day to day struggle to survive in a world of anarchy and Zombie hordes.  Certainly the firearms industry has taken note with special Zombie ammunition being developed by Hornaday and others, special Zombie markings for your AR and Zombie specific targets to practice on.  After giving some serious thought based on my experience as a gunsmith, firearms instruction, and shooter I thought it would benefit some who may be concerned about defending oneself and family against the Zombie menace. Continue reading