One Week Left — Certified Firearms Appraiser Course

Over the last 4 months our sponsor, the American Gunsmithing Institute, has been making some great offers of its most popular courses available to Guns and Gunsmiths readers at a 20% discount. These have been very popular and many of you have taken advantage of these 2-week sales.

Because of that, we are going to repeat each of these offers over the next few months for new readers, or those of you who missed out on seeing them in the past, Remember, each offer is only valid for 2 weeks. Continue reading

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Using A Laser Boresighter

Jack Landisby Jack Landis
AGI Technical Services Manager

I’ve been using laser boresighters in my shop for years, and I wouldn’t be without one. They are, in my opinion, the fastest, easiest, way to square up the scope’s crosshairs and get your first shot within a foot of your aiming point at 100 yards.

I’ve got a small target with a 1/4″ grid hung up on my shop wall about 12 feet from the “Versa-Vise” on one of my benches and an inch or so higher than the top of the vise. It is hung with its center on a vertical line I drew on the wall using a permanent marker and a level. Continue reading

The Dunn Armory… Sears Model 200 Winchester 1200 Shotgun

DunnBy Robert Dunn 
AGI and GunTech Video Producer, 
AGI Pro Course Graduate, GCA Charter Member

The Sears Model 200 I found was unwanted, in disrepair and even the subject of extreme ridicule when I took possession of its mistreated, leftover, parts. The stock and forearm were missing and the gun was a bag of rusty parts. When I got home, I found out there were no gun parts missing, other than the wood! The trigger group went back together and functioned properly after a good CLP scrub down. Continue reading

In Gun News This Week

Here are a few more of the firearms news stories found this week on the internet…

An Oklahoma gun range wouldn’t let an Army reservist shoot there because he’s Muslim

This Nerf Automatic Rifle Is the Ultimate Second Amendment Loophole

California fights fed court ruling against 10-day wait period for vetted gun owners

Canada cracks down on guns, alarmed by flow from U.S. (this one is for you, Dana)

Shropshire woman sets her sights on life as a gunsmith (Good to see that our friends in England are also keeping the trade alive and well)