Gun Leather for Fun and Profit!

Howesby Gary Howes
Guns and Gunsmiths Editor

(I was recently asked by a friend to build him a new “Cowboy Rig” for his Ruger .357 revolver, something I haven’t had the time to do for a while. So I thought it might be interesting for our newer Guns and Gunsmiths subscribers to read this article I wrote about 2 years ago–Gary Howes)

Not long ago I asked American Gunsmithing Institute members on Facebook what advice they would give to aspiring gunsmiths. One of the comments I got back (thanks Charles) was to find a “niche” so that you can stand out from other gunsmiths in your area. Continue reading

In Gun News This Week

Here are some more of the firearms news stories found this week on the internet. Make sure to let me know if you see any stories on your local news websites that we can share here.

Handgun Self-Defense Ammunition Ballistics Test

Video: Royal Nonesuch Test-fires Homemade .50 BMG Rifle

South Carolina: Neighbor speaks on man arrested after 7,000+ stolen guns found near Pageland

Maintain your airgun with the help of this step by step guide

German gunmaker Sig Sauer faces criminal charges over Mexico drug killings

Tips from the Workbench–Screw Kits

kenBrookswith Ken Brooks
AGI Instructor and Master Gunsmith

In this excerpt from GCA‘s Guntech Video Magazine, Master Gunsmith Ken Brooks looks at some of the kits of screws, roll pins and other small necessary items. While these may not be necessary for the gun “tinkerer” who works on just a couple of guns, the professional gunsmith shops find these a necessity.

Continue reading

Western Field 20 Gauge Shotgun Restoration

DunnBy Robert Dunn 
AGI and GunTech Video Producer, 
AGI Pro Course Graduate, GCA Charter Member

When I started working on the Western Field shotgun, I already had two other “projects” laying around the house. This particular firearm was entirely covered in fuzzy rust and the bolt was fused shut from corrosion. The stock was moldy and needed some care too. The plastic trigger guard on this old guy was warped straight from screw to screw! There was a good inch of space between the top of the trigger guard and the bottom of the stock and the screws were torqued tightly in the wood. Continue reading

In Gun News This Week

Here are just a few of the many firearms news stories found this week on the web. Thanks to G&G subscriber Dana for the first story.

DuraCoat® vs. Cerakote™: Are the corrosion tests real?

Chicago’s Lethal Illogic of Max Gun-Control Laws, Lax Gun Laws

Two Officers Were Shot; Wisconsin Store Liable for Gun Sale

In California, No Amount of Gun-Control Will Ever be Enough

Teachers treated to free gun classes, allowed to carry in Utah schools; we return fire!