Burn Guns–Part 2 of 3

Smeltzerby Paul Smeltzer,
Athens Gunsmith Service, Athens LA.

I hope the take away from part I was that all fires are not created equal. That being the case damage from different fires is not universal. The location and extent of damage is not the same between guns in the same fire, and can even differ on the same gun from one end to the other. Careful observation can give you valuable clues about the fire and damage absorbed by each firearm. Continue reading

To Gauge or Not to Gauge?

By Fred Zeglin
AGI Instructor, Author,
Lassen College Gunsmithing Graduate and Cartridge Designer.

Liability is the question

I talk to hundreds of gunsmiths each month. It surprises me how often these “professionals” decide not to use a headspace gauge when they are available to them. They say, “No, that’s OK, I’ll just use the brass.” Continue reading

Ask The Gunsmith

Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap

with AGI Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap.

In this video Bob answers some questions that will be of interest to all gunsmiths and gun “tinkerers”. As all AGI students soon learn, Bob’s teaching philosophy is that to be a good gunsmith you must understand the design and function of each gun you come across before you can repair it. Not all guns you come across will have instructions, manuals, drawings or anything else. You need to study the firearm and understand how it works. Then you will never be stumped when it comes to figuring out a problem or repair.

If you at all serious about guns and want to learn more about gunsmithing CLICK HERE and request the FREE info package and sample lesson from the American Gunsmithing Institute. There are several options available, depending on your needs and budget. Continue reading

Why I Started the American Gunsmithing Institute

Gene Kelly head ShotAn interview with Gene Kelly
President and Founder of AGI

AGI—Preserving the Gunsmithing Arts and why it is important to you

How long have you been involved in this industry and how did you start AGI?

Well, I have been working in the firearms industry since I was in my late teens. I started AGI in 1993 based upon seeing an increased demand for gunsmiths in the firearms industry. I realized there was a growing need to train new gunsmiths on a faster and more efficient basis.

If you would like to find out more about the Professional Gunsmithing Courses from the American Gunsmithing Institute, CLICK HERE to receive  FREE information, including a sample lesson. Continue reading

How the Italians Won the West

Hooverby Ryan Hoover
RH Custom Guns, Fredericksburg, TX

Since the 1960’s, modern replicas of historic 19th century firearms have been pouring into the hands of American gun owners. These owners range from collectors to reenactors and movie prop houses to competition cowboy action shooters and beyond. Having run a shop that is responsible for most of the warranty repairs, action work and customization for one of the biggest importers of these weapons, I have become intimately familiar with the ins and outs of these firearms. What I would like to do is try to explain, from my point of view, the pros and cons of these interesting guns, some common problems encountered and some easy solutions to bring these Italian guns up to our American standards. Continue reading

Using A Laser Boresighter

Jack Landisby Jack Landis
AGI Technical Services manager

I’ve been using laser boresighters in my shop for years, and I wouldn’t be without one. They are, in my opinion, the fastest, easiest, way to square up the scope’s crosshairs and get your first shot within a foot of your aiming point at 100 yards.

I’ve got a small target with a 1/4″ grid hung up on my shop wall about 12 feet from the “Versa-Vise” on one of my benches and an inch or so higher than the top of the vise. It is hung with its center on a vertical line I drew on the wall using a permanent marker and a level. Continue reading