Gunsmithing Project–Bedding a Rifle Part 1

Jack Landisby Jack Landis
AGI Technical Services Manager

In this two-part video Jack Landis shows a simple, straightforward way to bed a rifle that will help improve accuracy in your own hunting or target gun.

Jack walks you through the entire process so you have the complete “Recipe for Success.”

This video will be shown in two parts because of its length. Look for Part 2 next week! Continue reading

How My Father Taught Me To Shoot

Howes2by Gary Howes
Guns and Gunsmiths Editor

I first ran this article here on Guns and Gunsmiths about a year ago, but as this week is the anniversary of my father’s passing and it was well received before, I thought it appropriate to run it again for newer subscribers.

I guess most of us share a love for our fathers and have great memories of the first time he took you shooting. Feel free to share your stories in the comments below. Thanks.

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Tip From The Workbench#84–Extractor Cuts

kenBrooksby Ken Brooks
AGI Instructor and Master Gunsmith

In this video AGI Instructor and Master Gunsmith Ken Brooks answers a question from a Gun Club of America member about extractor cuts in barrels. Ken shows you a messed up extractor cut and then takes you through the procedure to clean it up and restore it one step at a time. Before it’s over you will gain more insight into these cuts and know the tools and techniques you can use to restore them. Continue reading

Product Review–Tuff1 Grip Covers

Jack Landisby Jack Landis
AGI Technical Services Manager

Jack Landis finally get a grip! We’re talking about the slip-on grip covers from Tuff1 Gun Grips. Similar to another product from Hogue, these are less expensive, easier to work with, and easier to “fit” to contoured grips. Jack likes them so much he has bought a bunch of them for his carry guns.

Do you have any experience with them? Share your thoughts in the Comments below. Continue reading

Ask the Gunsmith with Bob Dunlap

Dunlap by Bob Dunlap
AGI Instructor and Master Gunsmith

This time Bob answers two more questions from Gun Club of America members. The first one involves a Remington 870 with an action that is feeling a “Hang up” syndrome with its extended mag tube. The second question is regarding a Remington 1100 with a feeding problem. In both cases Bob pinpoints the possible causes quickly and makes his recommendations and as usual we gain a bit more insight into how his mind works as he makes his analysis. Continue reading