Gunsmith Project–Throating a Revolver

Jack Landisby Jack Landis
AGI Technical Services Manager

In this special 32 minute video Jack Landis give a detailed and complete run though on how to properly measure and deepen the forcing cone on a revolver. During the process he also shows you how to measure the barrel/cylinder gap and true the end of the barrel. This procedure isn’t as difficult as you may think and Jack takes you through the entire process in great detail.

This is the type of information and training that can be yours with training from AGI and their professional gunsmithing courses. CLICK HERE to get FREE information including a sample video.
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Unanswered Gunsmithing Forum Questions–Can you help?

There are a number of gunsmithing question that have been posted in the forums section of this website that have not been answered. Can you help your fellow G&G subscribers?

Make sure you visit the Forums regularly if you want to help other gun owners with your years of wisdom and experience. Or post a question there yourself and let other help you in return. This is our community–try to be a part of it if you can. Continue reading

In Gun News This Week

Here are a few of the latest online articles and stories that might be of interest to all y’all as gun owners:

Texas and Florida in spotlight over concealed guns on campus debate

Pawn shop owner says bank closed his account because he sells guns

Kroger Executive Stands Firm Against Group’s Demand to Ban Guns from Store

The NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action regularly sends out “Grassroots” emails with important information about pending legislation and other political articles that may affect our rights as gun owners.

Here is a link to their latest Grassroots alert. You can sign up to receive these yourself at their website.


Ask The Gunsmith with Bob Dunlap

Dunlapby Bob Dunlap
AGI Instructor and Master Gunsmith

Gun Club of America Silver and SilverPLUS members get complete access via web, email and phone to the AGI instructors as one of the major benefits of membership. The “Ask The Gunsmith” segment of the monthly Guntech video magazine is one of the most popular articles.

Bob answers two more questions this in this video.

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Cowboy Action Tips–Lever Action Rifles Part 1

JoeAlesiaby Joe Alesia
alias “Lefty Longridge”

Two time World Champion Lefty Longridge shows you some of the techniques you need in order to shoot a lever-action rifle FAST and accurately. Like everything else you must have a firm foundation to build on to master rapid shooting techniques, and that’s what he teaches us in the first of this two-part video. Look for Part 2 soon!

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Enjoying the Guns I Already Own!

Gene Kelly President AGI and GCA

Gene Kelly
President AGI and GCA

Seems like whenever I go places where there are new or different firearms, such as the SHOT Show, visiting manufacturers or doing testing for GunTech, I come away lusting after some new gun or guns!.  I mean get real, I don’t think a mule could even begin to carry all the guns I own now, so why on earth do I need another one?!

Well, “need” as I am sure you know isn’t really the issue, but WANT certainly is and I am O.K. with that!  Hey I need that beautiful Chiappa color case hardened receiver, single shot, Baby Sharps in .30/30 caliber because, well, it would be cool for, um, hunting deer? Continue reading

Colt 1851 Navy Percussion Revolver

DunnBy Robert Dunn 
AGI and GunTech Video Producer, 
AGI Pro Course Graduate, GCA Charter Member

1851-1The Colt 1851 Navy was one of my favorite revolvers when I was growing up. There was never one in my family’s collection, but I always dreamed of owning one. Time marched on and when I started buying guns for my own per­sonal usage, I tended to buy “practical firearms” for self defense. One Christmas I had accumulated some extra cash, and to be honest, I owned enough weapons to hold off a small army, so I decided to purchase a gun that I have always wanted; the 1851 Navy percussion revolver.  Continue reading