Make It Shoot!

ZeglinBy Fred Zeglin,
4D Reamer Rentals

A while back a gentleman brought me a factory gun that was shooting poorly; groups were averaging 2.5″ for five shots.  It made no difference what ammo was used.  The  client had tried factory ammo and reloads in different bullet weights.  He tried changing loads and seating depth, even neck sizing was attempted just to see if cases fire-formed to the chamber were more accurate.  Continue reading

Filling out the AK’s Case or …

“It Took How Long?”

HawkinsBy Clint Hawkins
Owner Hawkins Arms LLC,
AGI Pro Course Graduate, GCA Member

Part 2 of 3

(click here for Part 1 if you missed it)

Some time before that last mount came out, and long before I started making my rifle, I had already selected and purchased the most expensive and reliable solution to the problem.  That was the Israeli MAKO Five Rail guard system which does mount a scope way aft compared to the others. Brownells carries MAKO products, but I didn’t see the Five Rail system online.  Upon inquiry, I was told they could special order it for me. Sold!  By the way, this unit allows keeping the original cleaning rod if for some reason you want to. That was two and a half years ago.   Continue reading

In Gun News This Week.

Here are a few of the more interesting gun stories on news websites around the country this week. If you see anything in your local news source you’d like to share, please post it here in the comments.

Obama is trying to ban completely legitimate .223/5.56 ammo

WI: Zero wait time for handguns proposed

The AR-15 vs. The .22 LR – What’s the Best Rifle For Survival?

Will California’s replica gun law work?

Evolution Vs. Cartridge Design (or Why We Need Magnums)

ZeglinBy Fred Zeglin of 4D Reamer Rentals

Of course we all know that over the years natural selection and survival of the fittest has increased the size, bone density, and hide thickness of all game animals. Cartridges that once were considered potent are now incapable for taking all but the smallest of game. This has given rise to a whole generation of extreme velocity cartridges. It is gratifying to know that firearms technology has been able to keep up with this rapid evolutionary anomaly. One can take comfort in the fact that while an Elk will simply shake off a shot from one of the old (read weak) cartridges with little more than a slight bruise, today we can add as much as 1000 feet per second to our ballistics. Thus modern cartridge design overcomes evolutionary changes. Continue reading

Pheasant Hunting

davisBy James “JD” Davis

(James is a new writer to Guns and Gunsmiths who I met at the 2015 SHOT Show. This is his first article for us, and it is something that a lot of us can relate to–going hunting with our dads. It’s a nice story and hopefully only the first of many from james. You can also follow JD on his own blog at  –editor)

Walking up through a patch of milo we slowly but anxiously follow the dogs, waiting for something (preferably a pheasant) to take flight. Suddenly, the dogs are on something. It takes flight. The guns go up. We stop. A sparrow. We laugh and reset the safeties on our shotguns and continue on up the patch. Continue reading

In Gun News This Week

Here are just a few more of the interesting gun articles found on the web this week. Remember to send me the link if your local news site has a story you’d like to share.

Chris Kyle’s widow testifies that gun safety was critical to former sniper

The Future Of Electronic Gunsights

Top 10 Smart Ways to Build Your Food Storage

“Don’t talk to the police” — good advice?

.327 Federal: the little cartridge that should have made it