1911 Accuracy Tip with Bob Dunlap

Dunlapwith Bob Dunlap
Master Gunsmith and AGI Instructor

This video extract from the AGI Certified Gunsmith course has been seen before on Guns and Gunsmiths, but I am constantly surprised and amazed at the wealth of knowledge that Master Gunsmith and AGI Instructor Bob Dunlap has amassed in his many years of gunsmithing. So here it is again.

Take, for example, this small segment from the Colt 1911 section of the course that deals with just one part of his tips on accuracy for these guns. You could search basement-made Youtube videos all day and you would never find this type of quality, accurate and safe instruction. And this is just 6 minutes out of the complete course which is over 100 hours long!

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Then consider  enrolling in at least their lower level course, or if you can, enroll in a complete professional gunsmithing course. Even if you are not planning on making gunsmithing a career choice at this time, this is the sort of knowledge that will inspire you, impress your friends, and maybe one day lead to a whole new adventure in firearms for you.

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